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Consolidating and Prioritizing Vulnerabilities

Traditional vulnerability management solutions often produce thousands of “high severity” vulnerabilities for the operations staff to fix. Too often, organizations rely on their vulnerability scanner alone to make important decisions that determine which vulnerabilities to remediate first.

The Core Attack Intelligence Platform is able to consolidate vulnerability scanner sources, no matter the location or type of scanner. The result of this is a unified repository of vulnerability data. After the data is consolidated, exploits are matched and prioritized, followed by our patented “attack path engine” simulating potential attack paths to critical business assets.

This results in a more focused, prioritized set of data, ready for validation and remediation. The Core Attack Intelligence platform adjusts prioritization based on the systems that are part of these paths and the critical assets they put at risk.

Prioritizing threats with the Core Attack Intelligence platform allows you to:

  • Visualize attack paths to critical business assets, resulting from potential web or network attacks
  • Remediate a focused list of vulnerable systems that lead an attacker to their high-value target
  • Leverage actionable data to ensure your customer data, patient information, or payment databases are not at risk

vulnerability data consolidation

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