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Security Intelligence for the VP/Dir of Security

Vulnerability Management from the Perspective of the VP/Director of Security

Daily concerns:

  • Protecting the brand and reputation of the organization in the face of evolving threats should be of the utmost importance in this role. A data breach or leak of assets is simply unacceptable to leadership.
  • Mitigating the potential of a breach in the face of decentralized locations, a mobile workforce, mobile devices, cloud computing and business partners should be a constant concern to protect your organization from threats coming at all angles.
  • Effectively understanding and communicating risks to C-level leadership and executive board members to ensure they will have a clear understanding of where and why resources are being dedicated to protecting the organization.
  • Meeting compliance mandates and addressing guidelines that the organization is required to
    adhere by.  

Consequences if no action is taken:

  • Damage to reputation, market share and stock valuation due to a breach in infrastructure or a leak of critical. Whether this is due to a lack of meeting compliance mandates or the misallocation
    of resources.
  • Without the ability to determine where the next risk to the organization will come from because you do not have the proper visibility or communication lines set-up within your security teams to
    pinpoint threats.
  • Unable to communicate risks effectively thus leading to a lack of funding for project. Executive leaders do not give the proper attention to serious security issues, as they cannot understand risks to
    the business.
  • Fines or penalties imposed because the organization does not meet specific mandates; or they organization may be compliant but has still not done enough to be secure.

How Core solutions can help:

  • Gain definitive answers about IT security risks and protect the most critical information more effectively; by prioritizing overwhelming amounts of vulnerability data.
  • Make better decisions regarding risk and work on most important issues first; Core also allows you to consolidate technologies, doing more with less in the face of flat or shrinking budgets.
  • Communicate in the language of business and get leadership to take notice for the first time through Executive Dashboards within Core Insight to clearly pinpoint where additional resources need to
    be allocated.
  • Comply with spirit and letter of compliance mandates to ensure your organization avoids any damage to the brand or costly fines due to a lack of adherence.

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