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Security Intelligence for the Pen Tester

Vulnerability Management from the Perspective of the Penetration Tester 

Daily concerns:

  • Validating vulnerabilities in your organizations infrastructure are one of the most pivotal aspects of this role. Providing your organization with invaluable knowledge of exposures throughout the infrastructure.
  • Having the ability to pinpoint exposures to protect the most critical data with your organization.
  • Reporting and prioritizing remediation recommendations to ensure that the security team is using their time in the most effective manner, while also protecting the largest security gaps.

Consequences if no action is taken:

  • Inefficient allocation of tools/technology budgets
  • Testing across internal security teams, consultants and business groups continues to be uncoordinated, without recognition of vulnerabilities across the attack surfaces. Wasting organizations valuable resources, while also leaving it vulnerable to threats.

How Core solutions can help:

  • Core Impact Pro allows you to test all of your organizations threat surfaces - demontrating how one exploit can be used as a beach-head to gain access to other surfaces and assets. Impact Pro supports network, endpoint, web, mobile device, wireless and network device attack vectors. 
  • Core Impact Pro automates rapid penetration testing to dismiss false-positives and identify real threats for remediation. 

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