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Security Intelligence for the CSO/CISO

Chief Security Officer/CISO Security Best Practices

Daily concerns:

  • The need to make more informed decisions from vast amounts of security data in order to have the security team working on the most areas of your organization that are most vulnerable and critical to your infrastructure.
  • Prioritizing budget and internal resources in the most effective way to eliminate or limit a
    successful breach.

Consequences if no action is taken:

  • Security teams will need to manually determine what potential risks are facing your organization, should be addressed and in what order. This process will long and painstaking, and leaves the door open to user error that could harm your organizations brand and critical data.
  • Team members spending time on issues that are not critical - wasting time and money that your organization cannot afford to lose in an evolving threat landscape

How Core solutions can help:

  • Reduce the time it takes to identify and remediate critical risks. Make truly informed decisions with a now complete picture of security posture and associated risk through unique dashboards that are easy to maintain, and campaigns that can be run automatically within Core Insight.
  • Core solutions can maximize budget dollars and team efficiency, while improving overall security; reducing reliance and budget on outside consultants by having the ability to own security
    testing themselves.

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