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Security Intelligence for the CSO/CISO

With endless demands, restless nights’ sleep, and always playing catch-up, being a CISO is hard. Cyber security is no longer just an IT issue; it’s a business priority issue. We continue to see high-profile data breaches affect tens-to-hundreds of millions of individuals. The constant paranoia is draining.

CISO concerns:

  • Threats continue to increase, but some executives struggle to efficiently report risk status to their boards and business partners.
  • CISOs can most often identify top risks, but do not always have a good way to measure the status of these risks, or how effective their programs are at addressing them.
  • As budgets shift and shrink, CISOs must efficiently allocate resources to limit threats.

What will happen if CISOs don’t push to innovate their security processes?

  • Traditional vulnerability management solutions often produce thousands of “high severity” vulnerabilities for the operations staff to fix. Without implementing some sort of automation or advanced security technology, security teams will continue to rely on their vulnerability scanner alone to make important decisions that determine which vulnerabilities to remediate first.
  • If focus is not placed on consolidation and automation, security programs will not mature.

Core Security can help by:

  • Arming security teams with an efficient way to map security data into a holistic, business-level view, allowing executives to make better-informed decisions
  • Consolidating vulnerability scanner sources–no matter the location or type of scanner–in order to remediate a focused list of vulnerable systems
  • Maximizing resources and budget, while reducing threat detection and remediation times 

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