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Security Intelligence for the Compliance Auditors

Vulnerability Management from the Perspective of the Compliance Auditor

Daily concerns:

  • Checks and balances are crucial to your role – and you to validate what you are seeing and hearing regarding your organization’s security posture. Knowing what your security teams are doing (best practice), if their processes are working, and independently verifying security information from business units, is key to ensuring the organization is poised for success with external auditors.
  • Having the ability to recommend and/or implement the most efficient and effective technologies that enable the organization to meet compliance requirements such as SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI DSS.

Consequences if no action is taken:

  • Failure of a yearly security audit leaving an organization open to breach or legal action for not taking appropriate measures.
  • Potential non-compliance or compliance violations that may result in fines.

How Core solutions can help:

  • Provide independent evaluation of risk to critical infrastructure through unique campaigns and dashboards to gauge a clear understanding of risks within your organization.
  • Get the compliance check box and actually be secure. Core Security products can enhance the value of existing compliance solutions by validating that you are in compliance and those changes haven’t affected your compliance standing.

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