Core Impact Pro Exploits and Security Updates

When you buy Core Impact Pro, we provide real-time updates including new penetration testing exploits and tests for additional platforms as they become available. We advise you of any new modules by email, after which you can download them directly from within Core Impact Pro. All product updates are free during the license period. You're always on the cutting edge of vulnerability and threat intelligence because Core Impact Pro keeps you there.

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Released Date Title Description Vulnerabilty Categorysort descending Platform
11.04.2008 MSRPC Server Service Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit (MS08-067) Update This module exploits a vulnerability in the Microsoft Server service sending a specially crafted RPC request. This module improves the reliability of the exploit on Windows 2000 and adds support for Windows XP SP3. CVE-2008-4250 Exploits/Remote Windows
11.01.2012 HP Data Protector EXEC_CMD Exploit Update This module exploits a buffer overflow vulnerability in HP Data Protector by sending a specially crafted EXEC_CMD request. This update fixes an issue when using InjectorEgg. CVE-2011-1866 Exploits/Remote Windows
04.18.2011 7T Interactive Graphical SCADA System IGSSdataServer Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a remote stack-based buffer overflow in IGSSdataServer by sending a malformed packet to the 12401/TCP port. CVE-2011-1567 Exploits/Remote Windows
07.30.2014 Yokogawa CS3000 BKFSim vhfd Buffer Overflow Exploit Yokogawa CS3000 is prone to a buffer overflow when handling specially crafted packets through UDP port 20010. CVE-2014-3888 Exploits/Remote Windows
09.18.2007 Ipswitch IMail login exploit update This package updates the Ipswitch IMail login exploit. CVE-2005-1255 Exploits/Remote Windows
06.21.2012 PHP-CGI Argument Injection Exploit Update This module exploits an argument injection vulnerability in PHP up to version 5.3.12 and 5.4.2 when running as a standalone CGI processor and takes advantage of the -d flag to achieve remote code execution. This update adds support for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, RedHat and Windows platforms. CVE-2012-1823 Exploits/Remote Windows, OpenBSD, Linux, FreeBSD
10.22.2009 Microsoft Windows TCPIP Timestamp Remote DoS (MS09-048) This module exploits a memory corruption in the Microsoft Windows TCP/IP implementation by sending a sequence of TCP/IP packets with a specially crafted Timestamp values. WARNING: This is an early release module. This is not the final version of this module. It is a pre-released version in order to deliver a module as quickly as possible to our customers that may be useful in some situations. Since this module is not the final version it may contain bugs or have limited functionality and may not have complete or accurate documentation. CVE-2009-1925 Exploits/Remote Windows
02.05.2014 HP ProCurve Manager SNAC UpdateCertificatesServlet Exploit This module exploits a path traversal vulnerability in HP ProCurve Manager. The specific flaw exists within the UpdateCertificatesServlet. This servlet improperly sanitizes the fileName argument allowing the remote attacker could upload a .jsp file and execute arbitrary code. Authentication is not required to exploit this vulnerability. CVE-2013-4812 Exploits/Remote Windows
02.06.2012 NetTerm NetFTPD USER Buffer Overflow Exploit An internal memory buffer may be overrun while handling long "USER" command. This condition may be exploited by attackers to ultimately execute instructions with the privileges of the NetTerm NetFTPD.exe process. CVE-2005-1323 Exploits/Remote Windows
11.18.2010 Mantis Manage_proj_page Remote Code Execution Exploit Update 4 This module exploits a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in Mantis version 1.1.3 when handling the sort parameter in manage_proj_page without the proper validation that leads to a remote code execution on Mantis' Web server. This update adds support for the AIX platform. CVE-2008-4687 Exploits/Remote Solaris, Linux, Windows, AIX, Mac OS X
02.07.2006 Blue Coat Systems WinProxy Exploit This module exploits a buffer overflow vulnerability in Blue Coat Systems Inc.'s WinProxy. CVE-2005-4085 Exploits/Remote Windows
11.23.2011 General Electric ihDataArchiver Service Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a remote buffer overflow vulnerability in the ihDataArchiver.exe service included in several GE SCADA applications by sending a malformed packet to the 14000/TCP port. CVE-2011-1918 Exploits/Remote Windows
04.21.2009 Easy Chat Server Authentication Request Buffer Overflow Exploit A remote user of vulnerable installations of Easy Chat Server can send a specially crafted password parameter to chat.ghp to trigger a buffer overflow and execute arbitrary code on the target system. NOCVE-9999-36981 Exploits/Remote Windows
05.09.2013 Schneider Electric Accutech Manager Heap Overflow Exploit This module exploits a heap overflow vulnerability in the Schneider Electric Accutech Manager Server by sending a malformed packet to the 2537/TCP port to execute arbitrary code or crash the server. CVE-2013-0658 Exploits/Remote Windows
06.02.2010 IBM Cognos Server Backdoor Account Remote Exploit This module exploits a remote code execution vulnerability in IBM Cognos Express by using an undocumented user account to upload an arbitrary .WAR file. CVE-2010-0557 Exploits/Remote Windows
03.17.2015 Fortinet Single Sign On Windows AD Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a buffer overflow in FSSO Collector Agent for Windows Active Directory from FORTINET and installs an agent into the target host CVE-2015-2281 Exploits/Remote Windows
02.17.2010 HP OpenView NNM Snmp CGI Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a vulnerability in HP OpenView NNM by sending a specially crafted request to the snmp.exe. CVE-2009-3849 Exploits/Remote Windows
03.07.2012 Motorola Netopia netOctopus SDCS Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a remote buffer overflow in the Motorola Netopia netOctopus SDCS server service. The vulnerability exists within the code responsible for parsing client requests. When reading in a request from the network, a 32-bit integer is read in that specifies the number of bytes that follow. This value is not validated, and is then used to read data into a fixed-size stack buffer. This results in an exploitable stack buffer overflow. CVE-2008-2153 Exploits/Remote Windows
06.20.2006 Exchange CDO Calendar PreEnum exploit This module exploits a stack based buffer overflow handling the mail headers in the OWA (Outlook Web Access) service when processing meeting requests of Exchange Server clients (MS06-019). CVE-2006-0027 Exploits/Remote Windows
09.15.2013 SNMP OS Detect and Identity Verifier Update V2 This update extends the information gathered to include CVE-1999-0516 and CVE-1999-0517 when present in the target. Exploits/Remote
09.05.2010 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Remote Exploit This module exploits a remote memory corruption on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack by sending a specially crafted sequence of packets to the affected application. CVE-2010-3061 Exploits/Remote Windows
05.29.2013 Keylogger Update 2 This update resolves an issue while trying to run the "Keylogger" module. Exploits/Remote
02.12.2008 Microsoft IGMPv3 DoS (MS08-001) This modules causes a Denial of Service in Microsoft Windows. CVE-2007-0069 Exploits/Remote Windows
06.15.2010 Microsoft Windows SMTP Server DNS Response Field Validation DNS Spoofing Vulnerability Exploit (MS10-024) This module exploits a vulnerability on smtpsvc.dll spoofing responses from a DNS Server and deflecting emails sent to an arbitrary domain. CVE-2010-1690 Exploits/Remote Windows
05.10.2015 OracleDB DBMS AW.EXECUTE CDA Command Remote Stack Overflow Exploit Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS component is prone to a remote vulnerability that allows attackers to exploit a stack-based buffer overflow in the EXECUTE procedure of DBMS_AW. Using an overly long parameter in the CDA command with the previous procedure, a stack-based buffer overflow will occur, overwriting the saved return address. This module requires database user credentials with 'Create Session' privilege. CVE-2014-6567 Exploits/Remote Windows
12.04.2012 Xampp webdav PHP Upload Exploit This module attacks default XAMPP installations and abuses the use of default credentials for webdav. The module can also be configured to take advantage of user supplied credentials. NOCVE-9999-53594 Exploits/Remote Windows
10.19.2014 Simple SMB File Share Server This update adds a SMB file share server. This server is useful for serving files such as libraries or binary exectuables necessary for triggering or executing a remote attack. Exploits/Remote
01.06.2008 SynCE Command Injection exploit This module exploits a command injection error in the function runScripts in vdccm (SynCE daemon), reached through an information message remote request. CVE-2008-1136 Exploits/Remote FreeBSD, Linux
08.02.2012 ALLMediaServer Buffer Overflow Exploit The vulnerability is caused due to a boundary error within the handling of HTTP request. NOCVE-9999-53301 Exploits/Remote Windows
07.23.2012 FlexNet License Server Manager lmgrd Buffer Overflow Exploit A stack buffer overflow exist in FlexNet License Server Manager due to the insecure usage of memcpy in the lmgrd service when handling crafted network packets. NOCVE-9999-52540 Exploits/Remote Windows