Core Impact Pro Exploits and Security Updates

When you buy Core Impact Pro, we provide real-time updates including new penetration testing exploits and tests for additional platforms as they become available. We advise you of any new modules by email, after which you can download them directly from within Core Impact Pro. All product updates are free during the license period. You're always on the cutting edge of vulnerability and threat intelligence because Core Impact Pro keeps you there.

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Released Date Title Description Vulnerabilty Categorysort descending Platform
01.09.2012 DameWare Mini Remote Control Username Exploit This module exploits a vulnerability in DameWare Mini Remote Control by sending a specially crafted packet to port 6129/TCP. CVE-2005-2842 Exploits/Remote Windows
09.17.2014 Apache Struts includeParams Remote Code Execution Exploit Apache Struts 2 before allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary OGNL code via a crafted request that is not properly handled when using the includeParams attribute in the (1) URL or (2) A tag. This module leverages the vulnerability to install an agent in vulnerable installation. CVE-2013-1966 Exploits/Remote Windows, Linux
04.05.2011 Kingview SCADA HMI HistorySvr Heap Overflow Exploit KingView Scada is vulnerable to a buffer overflow error in the "HistorySvr.exe" module when processing malformed packets sent to port 777/TCP. CVE-2011-0406 Exploits/Remote Windows
04.22.2013 3S CoDeSys Gateway Server Arbitrary File Upload Exploit 3S Codesys Gateway Server is prone to a directory traversal vulnerability that allows arbitrary file creation. CVE-2012-4705 Exploits/Remote Windows
10.05.2011 phpScheduleit 1.2.10 Remote Code Execution Exploit Update Eval injection vulnerability in reserve.php in phpScheduleIt 1.2.10 and earlier, when magic_quotes_gpc is disabled, allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary PHP code via the start_date parameter. This update adds support for the Solaris and FreeBSD platforms. CVE-2008-6132 Exploits/Remote Windows, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD
10.11.2007 MSRPC DNS Server Exploit Update Added support for Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP0 and SP1. CVE-2007-1748 Exploits/Remote Windows
04.06.2008 Apache mod_php Exploit Update 2 This update fixes an issue with the 'reuse connection' mode on Impact V7.5 CVE-2002-0081 Exploits/Remote Linux
07.01.2012 Symantec Web Gateway PHP Injection Exploit This module exploits a remote code execution vulnerability in Symantec Web Gateway by using a log injection and a local file inclusion to run an arbitrary PHP script. CVE-2012-0297 Exploits/Remote Linux
05.18.2015 Microsoft Windows HTTP.sys Range Integer Overflow Memory Disclosure Exploit (MS15-034) The code that handles the 'Range' HTTP header in the HTTP.sys driver in Microsoft Windows, which is used by Internet Information Services (IIS), is prone to an integer overflow vulnerability when processing a specially crafted HTTP request with a very long upper range. This integer overflow vulnerability can be leveraged to generate a memory disclosure condition, in which the HTTP.sys driver will return more data than it should from kernel memory, thus allowing remote unauthenticated attackers to obtain potentially sensitive information from the affected server. CVE-2015-1635 Exploits/Remote Windows
07.25.2011 ActiveFax Server FTP Buffer Overflow Exploit ActiveFax Server's FTP service has a remote buffer overflow vulnerability that can be exploited by an authenticated atacker. NOCVE-9999-48689 Exploits/Remote Windows
10.20.2010 Disk Pulse Server GetServerInfo Request Buffer Overflow Exploit Update A vulnerability exists in the way Disk Pulse Server v2.2.34 process a remote clients "GetServerInfo" request.The vulnerability is caused due to a boundary error in libpal.dll when handling network messages and can be exploited to cause a stack-based buffer overflow via a specially crafted packet sent to TCP port 9120. This update correct typo. NOCVE-9999-45456 Exploits/Remote Windows
05.29.2013 Novell ZENworks Mobile Management Remote Code Execution Exploit This module exploits a vulnerability in the Novell ZENworks Mobile Management application by injecting code in the PHP session file and leveraging a Local File Inclusion in mdm.php to execute the injected PHP code. CVE-2013-1081 Exploits/Remote Windows
10.23.2011 e107 Install Script Command Injection Exploit e107 CMS is vulnerable to a command injection in its installation script due to a lack of sanitization on the MySQL server parameter. CVE-2011-1513 Exploits/Remote Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X
07.01.2007 Symantec Discovery XFERWAN Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in the XferWan.exe component included with Symantec Discovery 6.5. The exploit sends a specially crafted TCP packet triggering a buffer overflow and installing an agent on the target system. CVE-2007-1173 Exploits/Remote Windows
05.03.2010 HP OpenView NNM OvWebHelp CGI Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a vulnerability in HP OpenView NNM by sending a specially crafted request to OvWebHelp.exe. CVE-2009-4178 Exploits/Remote Windows
11.18.2012 Avaya IP Office Customer Call Reporter ImageUpload Exploit The specific flaw exists because Avaya IP Office Customer Call Reporter allows to upload files to the webserver through ImageUpload.ashx. The uploaded files will not be stripped of their file extensions and the directory where they are saved has no scripting restrictions. CVE-2012-3811 Exploits/Remote Windows
04.24.2008 Veritas Backup Exec exploit Update This module exploits a stack-based buffer overflow in the Agent Browser in VERITAS Backup Exec 7.3, 8.x before 8.60.3878 Hotfix 68, and 9.x before 9.1.4691 Hotfix 40, to install an agent on the target box. This update improves reliability for 8.x versions. CVE-2004-1172 Exploits/Remote Windows
05.04.2008 CVS pserver Directory Command Double free() Exploit Update By sending a malformed 'Directory' request it is possible to create a condition where free() is called on memory that is still in use. This can result in an exploitable condition when free() is called on the memory chunk a second time. The agent installed by this exploit runs with administrative privileges. This update improve the exploit reliability. CVE-2003-0015 Exploits/Remote Linux
08.31.2011 Cisco NX-OS CDP Remote Exploit A vulnerability has been reported as Cisco Bug ID CSCtf08873 which states that a CDP packet with a long Device ID crashes CDPD on N7k. Our research indicated that the vulnerability corrupts the state of the heap, leading to an exploitable scenario, which allows to gain administrator privileges. This module exploits such vulnerability in order to install an agent. This is an early release module. This is not the final version of this module. It is a pre-released version in order to deliver a module as quickly as possible to our customers that may be useful in some situations. Since this module is not the final version it may contain bugs or have limited functionality and may not have complete or accurate documentation. NOCVE-9999-48401 Exploits/Remote
02.06.2012 Sunway Force Control SCADA SMNP NetDBServer Buffer Overflow Exploit A stack based buffer overflow in the SNMP NetDBServer service of Sunway Forcecontrol is triggered when sending an overly long string to the listening service on port 2001. NOCVE-9999-51166 Exploits/Remote Windows
09.10.2007 Firebird SQL Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a buffer overflow vulnerability in the database service (fbserver.exe) of the FireBird SQL application. The exploit triggers a stack-based buffer overflow by sending a specially crafted "create" request to port 3050/TCP of the vulnerable system and installs an agent if successful. CVE-2007-3566 Exploits/Remote Windows
06.11.2013 IntraSrv Simple Web Server Buffer Overflow Exploit IntraSrv is prone to a buffer overflow within GET requests with an overly long HOST parameter. NOCVE-9999-58319 Exploits/Remote Windows
12.01.2011 Tikiwiki graph_formula Remote Code Execution Exploit tiki-graph_formula.php in TikiWiki 1.9.8 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via PHP sequences in the f array parameter, which will be processed by the create_function. CVE-2007-5423 Exploits/Remote Solaris, Linux
05.27.2010 MicroWorld eScan Products Remote Command Execution Exploit Multiple MicroWorld eScan products are vulnerable to a remote command-execution vulnerability because they fail to properly sanitize user-supplied input. Attackers can exploit this issue to execute arbitrary commands with superuser privileges. Successful attacks will completely compromise affected computers. The issue affects the following products versions prior to 4.1.x: eScan for Linux Desktop, eScan for Linux File Servers, MailScan for Linux Mail servers, WebScan for Linux Proxy Servers. NOCVE-9999-42682 Exploits/Remote Linux
11.13.2006 McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator - Protection Pilot HTTP exploit This module exploits a buffer overflow in McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator before and ProtectionPilot before CVE-2006-5156 Exploits/Remote Windows
08.23.2012 Conficker Detector Exploit Update This module connects to a remote target via any exposed DCE RPC endpoints and fingerprints them to determine if the machine appears to be compromised by the Conficker worm. This update adds RPT capabilities. NOCVE-9999-37300 Exploits/Remote Windows
09.11.2005 MailEnable SMTP auth command exploit This module exploits a stack-based buffer overflow in Mailenable smtp for Windows, allowing remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via AUTH command input. CVE-2005-2223 Exploits/Remote Windows
12.02.2008 FutureSoft TFTP Server 2000 Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a buffer overflow in FutureSoft TFTP Server, that allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a long malformed filename. CVE-2005-1812 Exploits/Remote Windows
01.28.2015 Oracle Forms and Reports Remote Code Execution Exploit This vulnerabilities allows remote attackers writing to the host filesystem on vulnerable installations of software utilizing Oracle Forms and Reporting. CVE-2012-3152 Exploits/Remote Windows
06.01.2011 OracleDB CSA Remote Code Execution Exploit This module exploits a vulnerability in the Client System Analyzer component of the Oracle Database Server. CVE-2010-3600 Exploits/Remote Windows, Linux