Core Impact Pro Exploits and Security Updates

When you buy Core Impact Pro, we provide real-time updates including new penetration testing exploits and tests for additional platforms as they become available. We advise you of any new modules by email, after which you can download them directly from within Core Impact Pro. All product updates are free during the license period. You're always on the cutting edge of vulnerability and threat intelligence because Core Impact Pro keeps you there.

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Released Date Title Description Vulnerabilty Categorysort descending Platform
05.12.2015 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBackMount GetVaultDump Buffer Overflow Exploit Update The specific flaw exists within FastBackMount.exe which listens by default on TCP port 30051. When handling opcode 0x09 packets, the process blindly copies user supplied data into a stack-based buffer within CMountDismount::GetVaultDump. A remote attacker can exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code under the context of the SYSTEM user. This exploit add support for x86_64. CVE-2015-0119 Exploits/Remote Windows
12.20.2011 PhpMyAdmin Unserialize Remote Code Execution Exploit Update phpMyAdmin is vulnerable to a remote code execution due the use of the unserialize method on user supplied data. This data is written in the config file and is accessible from the internet by default. This update adds support for Solaris and Mac OS X. CVE-2009-4605 Exploits/Remote Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X
10.19.2014 Kolibri WebServer HTTP POST Request Buffer Overflow Exploit Kolibri Webserver is vulnerable to a stack buffer overflow as a result of failure to properly validate user-supplied input when handling HTTP POST requests. CVE-2014-5289 Exploits/Remote Windows
04.17.2008 CA BrightStor Tape Engine Buffer Overflow Exploit update This module exploits a buffer overflow in CA Brightstor Tape Engine in BrightStor ARCserve Backup v11.5. This package makes a slight change in the documentation of the module. CVE-2007-0168 Exploits/Remote Windows
01.14.2007 IIS IDA-IDQ exploit update This update adds support for Windows NT4 for the IDA-IDQ exploit CVE-2001-0500 Exploits/Remote Windows
09.26.2012 HP OpenView Performance Agent coda.exe Opcode 0x8C Buffer Overflow Exploit A buffer overflow exists in coda.exe process which listens on a random TCP port by default. The process trusts a value within a GET request as a size then proceeds to copy that many bytes of user-supplied data into a fixed-length buffer on the stack. CVE-2012-2020 Exploits/Remote Windows
12.16.2010 Microsoft Windows Print Spooler Service Impersonation Exploit (MS10-061) Update 2 This update adds support to Microsoft Windows 2003, Vista, 2008 and Seven. This module exploits a vulnerability in the "Print Spooler" service. CVE-2010-2729 Exploits/Remote Windows
11.08.2005 Ipswitch IMail login exploit This module exploits a stack-based buffer overflow in the IMAP server in IMail 8.12 and 8.13 in Ipswitch Collaboration Suite (ICS). CVE-2005-1255 Exploits/Remote Windows
11.08.2009 Omni-NFS Enterprise FTP Server Buffer Overflow Exploit This vulnerability is caused by a buffer overflow in Omni-NFS Enterprise FTP Server, due to its lack of checking of user-supplied data within FTP requests. CVE-2006-5792 Exploits/Remote Windows
01.11.2012 Citrix Provisioning Services Streamprocess Opcode 0x40020000 Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a remote buffer overflow in the streamprocess.exe service included in the Citrix Provisioning Services application by sending a malformed packet to the 6905/UDP port. NOCVE-9999-50874 Exploits/Remote Windows
02.17.2009 Moodle Tex Filter Remote Code Execution Exploit A Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability has been found in filter/tex/texed.php. Due to the fact this file does not properly check the input parameters, it is possible to exploit this vulnerability in order to execute arbitrary commands on the target server. This module starts a web server on the CORE IMPACT Console to publish the agent, which is downloaded from the target. In order to exploit this vulnerability register_globals must be enabled (in PHP) and the TeX Notation filter in Moodle must be turned on. NOCVE-9999-35969 Exploits/Remote Linux
02.16.2014 IBM Director CIM Server Remote Code Execution Exploit update This update resolves an issue related to the use of Impact's WebDAV server by this module. Exploits/Remote
11.02.2008 Apple CUPS HP-GL2 filter Remote Code Execution Exploit This module exploits a specific flaw in the Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language filter. Inadequate bounds checking on the pen width and pen color opcodes result in an arbitrary memory overwrite allowing for the execution of arbitrary code as the "hgltops" process uid. CVE-2008-3641 Exploits/Remote Mac OS X
01.04.2006 miniserv perl format string exploit This is an exploit for Usermin's and Webmin's perl format string vulnerability (CAN-2005-3912). CVE-2005-3912 Exploits/Remote Linux, Windows
11.18.2009 MSRPC _LlsrLicenseRequestW Remote Heap Overflow Exploit (MS09-064) This module exploits a remote heap-based overflow in the Microsoft Windows License Logging Service by sending a specially crafted RPC request. CVE-2009-2523 Exploits/Remote Windows
05.31.2010 HP OpenView NNM getnnmdata CGI Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a stack-based buffer overflow in HP OpenView Network Node Manager by sending a specially crafted request to getnnmdata.exe. CVE-2010-1553 Exploits/Remote Windows
11.22.2010 Drupal BlogAPI Remote Execution Exploit Update 4 The BlogAPI module does not validate the extension of files that it is used to upload, enabling users with the "administer content with blog api" permission to upload harmful files. This module uploads an IMPACT agent, creates a php file to execute the agent and then makes a request to the file. The result is an IMPACT agent running on the webserver. This update adds support for the AIX platform. CVE-2008-4792 Exploits/Remote Solaris, Linux, AIX
01.26.2012 HP Diagnostics Server magentservice Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit A buffer overflow in magentservice.exe within HP Diagnostics allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted size value in a packet. CVE-2011-4789 Exploits/Remote Windows
12.04.2007 IBM Lotus Domino IMAP Server Buffer Overflow Exploit Update This module exploits a buffer overflow vulnerability in a Lotus Domino IMAP Server and installs an agent if successful. This vulnerability can be exploited remotely and it does not require user authentication. This update adds support for Lotus Domino for windows versions 6.5, 7.0.1, 7.0.1FP1, and 7.0.2. CVE-2007-1675 Exploits/Remote Windows, AIX
05.18.2011 IBM Lotus Domino iCalendar Attachment Name Buffer Overflow Exploit A stack-based buffer overflow exists in the nRouter.exe component of IBM Lotus Domino when parsing the filename of an attachment within an iCalendar invitation. This can be exploited by a remote, unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code by sending a specially crafted e-mail to the Lotus Domino SMTP server. This module bypasses Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in order to install an agent on the target machine. CVE-2011-0915 Exploits/Remote Windows
12.17.2008 BadBlue HTTP GET Request Buffer Overflow Exploit The vulnerability is caused due to a boundary error in ext.dll when processing an overly long PassThru command. This can be exploited to cause a stack-based buffer overflow via an overly long, specially-crafted argument passed to the affected command. CVE-2007-6377 Exploits/Remote Windows
02.09.2011 Wireshark PROFINET Dissector Format String Exploit Update Wireshark is prone to a format-string vulnerability. Attackers can leverage this issue to execute arbitrary code within the context of the vulnerable application. Failed attacks will likely cause denial-of-service conditions. This update adds windows 7 support. CVE-2009-1210 Exploits/Remote Windows
05.16.2006 DCERPC Authentication and Encryption support This update will add DCERPC encryption to some MSRPC exploits. The result is that, when enabled, all the 'Stub data' for DCERPC requests will be encrypted, thus hiding the real content. CVE-2005-1985 Exploits/Remote Windows
12.01.2009 FreeBSD Dynamic Linker Privilege Escalation Exploit The vulnerability is caused due to the "_rtld()" function in libexec/rtld-elf/rtld.c not correctly clearing certain dangerous environment variables before executing suid root processes, which can be exploited to execute arbitrary code with root privileges. WARNING: This is an early release module. This is not the final version of this module. It is a pre-released version in order to deliver a module as quickly as possible to our customers that may be useful in some situations. Since this module is not the final version it may contain bugs or have limited functionality and may not have complete or accurate documentation. CVE-2009-4147 Exploits/Remote FreeBSD
09.19.2007 Novell Messenger Server exploit update This package updates the Novell Messenger Server exploit. CVE-2006-0992 Exploits/Remote Windows
09.07.2011 Microsoft Windows Print Spooler Service Impersonation Exploit Reliability Enhancement This updates improves the reliability and AV Evasion capabilities of the Microsoft Windows Print Spooler Service Impersonation Exploit, Package and Register, Send Agent by Email, Install agent using SMB and Install agent using SSH modules when run against Windows targets. CVE-2010-2729 Exploits/Remote Windows
08.05.2014 Easy File Sharing Web Server UserID Cookie Handling Buffer Overflow Exploit By setting UserID in the cookie to a long string, we can overwrite EDX which allows us to control execution flow when the following instruction is executed. CVE-2014-3791 Exploits/Remote Windows
05.22.2011 IBM Lotus Domino NSFComputeEvaluateExt Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in IBM Lotus Domino by sending a specially crafted HTTP request to the Web Administration Interface. NOCVE-9999-48010 Exploits/Remote Windows
02.11.2014 Panda Security for Business Pagent MESSAGE_FROM_REMOTE Path Traversal Exploit The Pagent service component of Panda Security for Business is prone to a path traversal vulnerability when handling MESSAGE_FROM_REMOTE packets. This vulnerability can be exploited by remote unauthenticated attackers to drop arbitrary files in the vulnerable machine in order to gain remote code execution with SYSTEM privileges. NOCVE-9999-62132 Exploits/Remote Windows
11.21.2012 AzeoTech DAQFactory NETB Datagram Parsing Buffer Overflow Exploit A Buffer Overflow exist in DAQFactory service who listens on the UDP port 20034 when logs the informations of the incoming NETB packets. CVE-2011-3492 Exploits/Remote Windows