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Core Security Product Research

The Research Behind Our Products

One of the factors that separates our solutions from other security products – and what makes them truly proactive and effective security testing solutions – is the direct benefit of a constant influx of new threat intelligence provided by Core Security’s engineering, CoreLabs research, and Security Consulting Services teams.

Core Security’s knowledge centers collaborate to ensure that our customers can stay on top of emerging threats by feeding our products with a steady diet of real-world threat models and security updates.


CoreLabs: Trusted Vulnerability Research

The CoreLabs group independently evaluates the criticality of hundreds of new vulnerabilities to determine their potential operational risk. At the same time, the group is also charged with discovering new vulnerabilities before criminals do. When a new vulnerability is discovered, CoreLabs works closely with software and systems vendors to repair and patch the issues that it finds – and with the security community to ensure preparedness against each threat.


Core Security Consulting Services: Leading-Edge Threat Expertise

The experts at Core Security Consulting Services (SCS) are on the front lines of IT risk assessment and analysis, often being the first to uncover and address threats faced by some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Core SCS brings Core Security’s products and expertise into the field for strategic security testing engagements. They return with observations about emerging threat behaviors and new attack paths, lending timely and relevant knowledge to Core Security product development.


Core Engineering: Commercial-Grade Product Development

Core Engineering works with CoreLabs and Core SCS to identify critical IT vulnerabilities and threats that put our customers’ operations at risk. Professional exploit developers then rapidly translate each critical point of exposure into a commercial-grade testing capability that safely emulates the behavior of an actual threat “in the wild.” This, combined with world-class UI development, contributes to a line of products that brings real-world security testing to our customers.


Sharing Knowledge with the Security Community

Since 1997, Core Security’s knowledge centers have been on forefront of IT threat research, contributing both to the development of our products and to the advancement of the security community as a whole. Our community participation includes ongoing publishing of papers, advisories and open-source security tools – as well as regular speaking engagements at security conferences and involvement with influential industry and government working groups.

By selecting Core Security solutions, organizations are able tap into the expertise of a broad ecosystem of independent and proprietary vulnerability research, keeping their organization not just up-to-date, but ahead of real-world threats.

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