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Maximizing Limited Security Staffing

Penetration Testing for Higher Education

Maximizing Limited Security Staffing

Like many other types of organizations, educational institutions frequently lack the resources to hire sizable IT security teams, leaving it up to management and staffers to do more with less in meeting all of their various security and compliance responsibilities. Using our products, organizations can carry out comprehensive, in-depth penetration testing without being forced to hire additional staff or invest in pricey consulting engagements that offer limited value once testing has been completed and the pros have gone home.

In addition to maximizing personnel for performing assessments and meeting compliance requirements in security regulations including PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and FERPA, our products also help alleviate fixed IT staffing resources by:

  • Helping organizations to translate vulnerability scanning results and security systems information into actionable data.
  • Ensuring that remediation efforts including patch management are effective and do not introduce additional vulnerabilities.
  • Allowing security staffers to more effectively prepare for and respond to mandated external security audits.
  • Illustrating existing security risks to IT administrators and technology developers to increase awareness to related initiatives.
  • Providing detailed reports on vulnerability information that can be shared with both technical and non-technical audiences.

Learn how conducting penetration testing at educational institutions can help you to:

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