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Insulating Networks from Unmanaged Devices

Penetration Testing for Higher Education

Insulating Networks from Unmanaged Devices

One of the most significant challenges faced by many educational institutions today – especially colleges, universities and professional training providers – is the requirement to allow network access to large numbers of unmanaged devices while trying to centrally manage IT security and maintain regulatory compliance. While organizations can install stringent internal IT security policies and controls, it’s extremely difficult for them to ensure anything beyond a minimal baseline of security posture among the many mobile devices and laptop computers that they must permit to access and connect to their systems on a daily basis.

Using Core Security products and services, educational institutions can protect themselves against the inevitability of infected and insecure devices coming into their environments by identifying exploitable vulnerabilities that may be open to attack before they can be compromised. Proactive testing of vulnerabilities allows organizations to understand and address root cause issues that could lead to potential malware and botnet infections, preventing sophisticated threats from making the leap from their students’ devices onto their networks without adopting more restrictive access management controls that often create headaches for end users and systems administrators alike.

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