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How Core Insight Works

Achieve an Intelligent Vulnerability Management Program with Core Insight 4.0

Step 1: Consolidate

  • Define campaign goals
  • Identify Target System Assets, Networks and Applications
  • Initiate scans


CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Campaign Dashboard

CORE Insight 3.0 Campaign Dashboard - Click to zoom


Step 2: Identify

  • Collect and correlate Network, Web and End-point vulnerability scans


Network Topology Import Config

Asset Treemap within Core Insight 4.0 - Click to zoom


Step 3: Predict

  • Import configuration files from more than 100 devices
  • Simulate attacks against previously identified vulnerabilities


Network Topology Import Config

Network Topology Import- Click to zoom



Network Topology Import Config

Attack Path Mapping with Core Insight 4.0 - Click to zoom


Step 4: Analyze

  • Risk Exposure based on attack simulation results against key assets


CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Heatmap Dashboard


Core Insight 4.0 CISO Dashboard - Click to zoom


Step 5: Validate

  • Test Insight Attack Scenarios with Impact Pro
  • Generate ‘What-if Analysis’ and detailed exploit  reports


Impact Data in Insight

Core Impact Data within Insight - Click to zoom


Step 6: Prioritize

  • Real-time view of Operational Risk exposure
  • Prioritize remediation and patch management initiatives



Impact Data in Insight

Asset Treemap within Core Insight 4.0 - Click to zoom


Step 7: Report

  • Communicate Security & Risk findings based on geography, business unit, data classification etc.
  • Consistently measure and report security posture for cross-functional  teams


CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Dashboard for CSOs


Core Insight 4.0 Security Testing Executive Report - Click to zoom


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