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Attack Intelligence for Healthcare Organizations

Core Security provides healthcare organizations (payers, providers, care networks, etc) with an actionable, risk-based approach to managing the security of their sensitive assets. Very often, healthcare organizations are consuming an overwhelming amount of vulnerability data and don’t know exactly how their electronic health record (EHR) database or electronic protected health information (ePHI) could be impacted by threats stemming from other connected systems. This leaves many healthcare organizations unable to formulate an effective risk assessment and remediate vulnerable systems in a timely manner.

Core Security is able to isolate your sensitive healthcare assets and model the most likely path an attacker might take to reach them. Using a patented attack path planner, Core Security correlates known exploits, attack patterns, network and security data, with identified vulnerabilities. Following simulation, the patented attack engine can be used for automated live testing or targeted manual testing. The result is a set of demonstrable attack paths to critical healthcare assets that can be used to produce an achievable remediation plan for IT operations.

Healthcare organizations are turning to Core Security to help them:

  • Demonstrate risk assessments for HIPAA audits
  • Prioritize and align vulnerabilities with critical assets (ePHI, EMR) 
  • Lower risk through achievable remediation efforts
  • Consolidate multiple security point products for attack path planning
  • Maintain incentive payments from HITECH programs

Learn more about some of the most pressing topics in healthcare information security by watching a webcast where Core Security interviews Martin Fisher, CISO of Northside Health System.

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