CoreLabs Information Security Open-Source Tools

Below is an index of open-source tools developed by CoreLabs for the benefit of the IT security community. Click on any title to get more information and access downloads on the CoreLabs extranet site.

Datesort descending Title Description License Type
02.24.2011 PyLorcon2

A Python wrapper for the Lorcon2 802.11 packet injection library

GPL v3
02.28.2011 Heappie

Heappie! is an exploit-writing-oriented memory analysis tool. It assists vulnerability...

BSD 2 clause
05.30.2011 PyCodin

An open-source Python library that allows instrumentation of low-level code for different...

GPL v2
09.19.2011 Bug Reproducer Assistant

What is Bug-reproducer Assistant ?

Bug-reproducer Assistant is a tool that extracts...

11.17.2011 wwtool

A wireless scanning tool that uses the Windows Native WiFi API to list available networks

06.15.2012 eXait

eXait is a benchmark-like tool to test all the anti-instrumentation techniques presented in the...

BSD 2 clause
07.28.2012 Pysap

A Pcapy-based library that provides modules for crafting and sending packets using SAP's NI and...

GPL v2
07.28.2012 SAP Dissection plu-gin for Wireshark

A Wireshark plugin that allows dissection of SAP's NI and Diag protocol packets

GPL v2
03.13.2014 Sentinel

Sentinel is a command line tool able to protect Windows 32 bit programs against exploits...

GPL v3