Index to CoreLabs Projects

Below is an index of projects that members of the CoreLabs team have pursued. Click on any title to access more information about the project on the CoreLabs extranet site.

Title Excerptsort descending
A Penetration Testing Research Framework

A framework that allows users to execute penetration testing experiments,...


A programming competition

Non-Euclidean Ring Data Scrambler (NERDS) public-key encryption -

A public-key encryption scheme

Attack Simulation

A solution for interactively simulating networks of computer systems and...

Core CloudInspect

A tool designed to test the security of Amazon AWS cloud deployments


A tool used for information gathering and manipulation of social networks...

Using neural networks for OS fingerprinting

An analysis of the information collected during OS identification that...

ND2DB Attack -

An attack technique that extracts database content relying only on the...


An initiative to discover and document security vulnerabilities in commonly...


An instrumented Web application fuzzing environment

CORE TRUSS and Secure Triggers

An obfuscation-based software protection solution


An open-source web application security software that protects against...

XSS Agent

Analyzes the problems underlying exploitation and post-exploitation of...

Attack Payloads

Crypto and standard attack techniques can be combined with payload...

SQL Agent

Exploits SQL injection vulnerabilities and enables the user to conduct post...