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The HB Gary Breach and Social Engineering - Lessons Learned? Webcast

Despite highly publicized breaches such as HB Gary Federal, regimented internal warnings from corporate IT, and even...

CORE Impact Pro 12.07.2012
Human Hacking Exposed - Part 1 Webcast

Many organizations invest tremendous amounts of time and energy into the security of their computers - but what...

CORE Impact Pro 12.07.2012
Optimizing Vulnerability Management with Forrester Analyst Chenxi Wang Webcast

The new and evolving threat landscape requires that IT security remains constantly vigilant. Keeping on top of the...

CORE Impact Pro 12.07.2012
Forrester and Core: Security Intelligence Meets Vulnerability Management

Learn from speaker John Kindervag, Principal Analyst, with Forrester Research and CORE Security on the topic of “...

CORE Insight Enterprise 04.10.2013
Critical Steps for Organizational Security Intelligence - Why You Need an Internal Pen Testing Team

More than ever, organizations are facing advanced adversaries and dealing with rapidly changing technology that may...

CORE Solutions 05.01.2013
Critical Steps for Organizational Security Intelligence - The Importance of Emulating Real-World Threats

For all the talk of real-world compromise scenarios and breaches, very few pen testers actually emulate real-world...

CORE Solutions 06.12.2013
Achieving Security Intelligence: Proactive Measures to Stay Ahead of the Threats with CORE and McAfee

Federal security teams face vast amounts of disparate scan data and alerts that sound after the damage is done....

CORE Solutions 07.09.2013
Protecting Your Organization from Phishing Threats

There are certain security measures all organizations can take to protect themselves from attacks, but phishing...

CORE Insight Enterprise 08.27.2013
Security Testing for PCI DSS Compliance featuring Forrester Analyst John Kindervag

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandates security practices covering cardholder data that...

CORE Insight Enterprise 09.25.2013
How eBay Mitigates Risk with Core Security and QualysGuard

In November of 2011, eBay Global Information Security (GIS) began the implementation of Core Insight. One of the key...

CORE Insight Enterprise 11.05.2013
Diary of a Healthcare Chief Information Security Officer

In this webcast, Martin Fisher, CISO at Northside Heath Systems, talks about some of the most pressing challenges...

CORE Insight Enterprise 05.19.2014
What's New in Core Insight 4.0 and Core Impact 2014 R2

The release of Core Insight 4.0 and Core Impact 2014 R2 provide a better way to prioritize and validate threats to...

CORE Solutions 09.11.2014
Advance Your Vulnerability Management Program with Attack Intelligence Webcast

The Core Attack Intelligence Platform allows you to Think Like An Attacker™ by simulating what an attacker...

CORE Solutions 09.16.2014
Where are you on the Threat & Vulnerability Management Maturity Model?

Security breaches have altered the way we need to think about managing vulnerabilities and threats. Join Core...

CORE Insight Enterprise 12.19.2014
An Approach to Prioritize Threats for Government Agencies

Government agencies face a constant stream of threats. Attackers are determined, frequent, and persistent. Equally...

CORE Solutions 02.24.2015
New Attack Intelligence Capabilities - Get a Sneak Peek

Attackers always have a goal in mind and it’s up to you to understand how they will get there. But how is that...

CORE Insight Enterprise 03.26.2015
Do you even CISO?

Being a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is hard. Endless responsibilities, never ending demands, restless...

CORE Solutions 05.14.2015
8 Pen Testing Tips: Adopting an Attacker Mindset

Successful penetration testing involves mimicking what real attackers do, usually by leveraging vulnerable devices...

CORE Impact Pro 06.18.2015
Core Impact Pro 2015 R1 Functional Release Overview

Join us on Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 2PM (EDT) to learn about enhanced Core Impact Pro...

CORE Impact Pro 09.02.2015
Advanced Penetration Testing Techniques - DNS Tunneling and Windows Management Instrumentation

Up the ante on sophisticated attacks

Defending your organization’s critical assets and data...

CORE Impact Pro 09.30.2015



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