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02.01.2013 SC Magazine's 5-star review of Core IMPACT Professional SC Magazine
06.13.2006 Saving for a Rainy Day Latin Finance
04.28.2009 SANS Tells Congress: Feds' Checkbook Is Cyberdefense 'Weapon' Dark Reading
01.01.2009 SANS Releases List Of Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors In Software Dark Reading
02.18.2010 SANS Names Mistakes That Cause Vulnerability
09.05.2013 Samsung Enlists Lookout for Android Enterprise Security LinuxInsider
08.06.2014 Russian criminals steal 1.2 billion passwords CNN Money
02.25.2014 RSAC: The Connected Car, Connected to Trouble?
02.08.2007 RSA Conference 2007: Core Security says third-party software is Vista's fatal flaw SC Magazine
04.01.2010 Rolling Review: SaaS Web Security Services Kickoff Network Computing
06.07.2013 Robbing a Gas Station: The Hacker Way New York Times
03.17.2010 Revised cybersecurity bill introduced in Senate Computerworld
06.23.2008 Review: Security--Proactive Style CRN Tech
06.23.2005 Review: Penetration Testing Software A penetration assessment will ensure your network is secure from attackers as well as malicious employees, partners and customers. We evaluated three products that take decidedly different routes to the same end. Which solution will leave you feeling bull
09.26.2007 Researchers warn over AIM flaw Security Focus
11.09.2010 Researchers sound alarm over critical Mac OS X bug Computerworld
08.07.2008 Researchers develop lightweight Cisco IOS rootkit
11.14.2011 Researchers bypass the restrictions of Mac OS X default sandbox profiles CIO Magazine
03.19.2009 Researchers Aim Low to Root Hardware Security Focus
07.30.2009 Researchers find insecure BIOS 'rootkit' pre-loaded in laptops ZDNet