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04.04.2008 Technology: Cyber Fraud Steals $239 Million From Consumers Game Shout
10.01.2010 Talent scout: Government recruitment of IT security professionals SC Magazine
05.17.2013 Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Financial Times CIO Today
01.26.2012 Symantec Warns Users to Disable pcAnywhere PC Magazine
01.26.2012 Symantec Advises Disabling Remote PC Software After Code Theft Redmond Mag
03.17.2007 Symantec Voices Security Concerns over Vista's Use of Tunneling Protocol eWeek
02.04.2008 Survey discovers access control problems at many firms
03.13.2008 Suits Pile Up vs. Hannaford Bros. Supermarket News
05.01.2009 Spies compromised US electric grid Associated Press
04.04.2008 Speed Up Security Processor
04.04.2007 Spammers feast on ANI vulnerability
09.10.2013 Sophos pulls out spade, fills in holes in Web Appliance The Register
11.25.2014 Sony Pictures Reels From Hacker Attack eWeek
12.05.2014 Sony Pictures Cyberattack: An Inside or Outside Job? IT Business Edge
07.20.2009 Some important truths about pen-testing ZDNet
04.30.2010 Software [In]security: Assume Nothing informIT
11.28.2001 Software Flaw Threatens Linux Servers A vulnerability in the most widely used FTP server program for Linux has left numerous sites open to online attackers, a situation worsened when Red Hat mistakenly released information on the flaw early, leaving other Linux companies scrambling to get a f
07.22.2002 Software con calidad argentina La industria nacional está hoy a la altura de las mejores del mundo.La Nación.
08.12.2008 SMEs get first taste of online security testing Manufacturing Computer Solutions
03.21.2009 Smartphones 1, Hackers 0 Fortune