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06.09.2011 Citigroup Credit Card Portal Breach Compromises 200,000 Customers eWeek
10.08.2009 Cloud-based e-mail and archives for agencies sparks security concerns NextGov
10.08.2009 Cloud-based e-mail and archives for agencies sparks security concerns nextgov
07.06.2015 Command Injection Vulnerabilities Plague IP Enabled AirLive Cameras Threatpost
04.01.2009 Conficker virus morphing into something bigger NBC 14
07.13.2007 Core Makes An Impact Processor Magazine
03.23.2009 Core Security Finds Vulnerability Trio In HP OpenView Dark Reading
06.29.2009 Core Security Unveils IMPACT Pro v9 Pen-Testing Software Dark Reading
08.27.2009 Core Security's training and certification programs build awareness about the specific benefits of penetration testing
03.08.2007 Core Security: GNU Privacy Guard flaw allows phishing-like attacks SC Magazine
05.09.2003 Core Discovers Vulnerabilities in Mirabilis ICQ client SC InfoSecurity News
03.25.2002 Core fecha parceria com a Xerox Internet Business
03.10.2008 Core finds new CEO InfoWorld
03.21.2006 Core Impact 5.1 Law Technology News
08.03.2011 Core Impact Adds Mobile Device Exploits, Widens Metasploit Integration Network Computing
07.30.2003 Core Impact Improves On Penetration Testing
02.01.2010 CORE IMPACT Pro v10 Product Review SC Magazine
12.15.2008 Core Impact Pro V8 Extends Automated Web App Penetration Testing Dark Reading
05.02.2006 Core Impact puts a vise grip on vulnerabilities A deeper look at Core Security's long-standing scanner shows the value of commercial vulnerability solutionsInfoWorld
02.22.2006 CORE IMPACT Review Core Impact is different in that while it performs vulnerability assessment, it is primarily a penetration testing tool. It behaves like a hacker, performing vulnerability and port scans then attempting to penetrate the target using the vulnerabilities it