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10.01.2004 Entercept Intercepts Threats Read how penetration testing product CORE IMPACT helps test the effectiveness of Entercept IPS.InfoWorld
10.12.2004 Microsoft issues 10 security bulletins, seven critical
02.08.2005 Microsoft issues critical fixes
02.09.2005 Exploit released for MSN Messenger 'avatar' hole Published code attacks a hole in component used to display smiley faces, buddy icons.InfoWorld
02.09.2005 Exploit Targets MSN Messenger Hole Users are urged to download and install a software patch from
02.10.2005 MSN Messenger attack code already on Net Patched issued yesterday, exploit code out there
02.11.2005 MSN Messenger Exploit Code Goes Public Although no attacks based on the hole have been reported, the security community is bracing itself for at least some. MSN Messenger is used by over 130 million people worldwide, making it an attractive target. "I think we can expect to start seeing malici
02.11.2005 MSN Logged on For Attacks
02.21.2005 IT administrators told to get hacking Time to learn the tricks of the trade, says security
03.28.2005 Paper maker documents key IT security issues Network World Fusion
04.11.2005 Cash infusion means jobs at Core Boston Herald
04.11.2005 Core Security collects $4.5M in second round Mass High Tech
04.14.2005 Core Security's Testing Tango Next-Gen Data Center Forum
06.01.2005 ECHKNOWLEDGE Exploit frameworks are the machine guns of automated attacks. Don't get caught on the wrong end of the barrel.Information Security Magazine
06.23.2005 Review: Penetration Testing Software A penetration assessment will ensure your network is secure from attackers as well as malicious employees, partners and customers. We evaluated three products that take decidedly different routes to the same end. Which solution will leave you feeling bull
07.01.2005 Preempt security threats with testing and assessment tools If you're in charge of disaster recovery planning, you also have to consider security threats that could put you in the recovery mode. Mike Talon discusses the preemptive moves you can make with the right testing and assessment tools.TechRepublic
08.08.2005 TippingPoint leans into network threats TippingPoint 400 IPS is a mixed bag of easy management, strong defenses, and spotty detection.InfoWorld
08.09.2005 Critical fixes for IE, Windows
08.18.2005 Core Security Helps Admins Hack Their Own Networks "Penetration testing picks up where 'scan and identify' leaves off," said Charles J. Kolodgy, research director at IDC. "As companies move to integrated solutions for greater protection, penetration testing will become more important." Newsfactor Network
09.09.2005 The buzz about fuzzers When you've got to have secure code -- and everyone does -- fuzzers can help.InfoWorld