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09.18.2003 IBM Patches DB2 vulnerability Flaw could allow malicious code to run on systemsComputerworld
10.14.2003 Under Attack Can your systems really benefit from penetration testing?
12.10.2003 Security Experts Warn of New Way to Attack Windows By Dennis FishereWeek
12.10.2003 Flaw Could Unleash Another Slammer A research company warned Tuesday that an attacker could use a recently patched Microsoft flaw to create a fast-moving worm similar to SQL Slammer, which spread rapidly across the Internet a year ago.CNET
12.10.2003 New Ways To Exploit Windows Flaws Give Hackers Ammo "What we found is that there are some new attack vectors to exploit the same vulnerability that were not originally considered," says Core ST's CTO Ivan Arce. The new method of exploiting the known flaw "is a very efficient way of compromising the system.
12.10.2003 Don't Let These Security Gotcha's Get Your Database eWeek
12.11.2003 New Workstation Attack Vector Ideal For Another Slammer By Edward Hurley, News
03.22.2004 CORE IMPACT selected as eWEEK Excellence Awards Finalist eWEEK Announces Excellence Awards FinalistseWeek
04.12.2004 Security Tool More Harmful Than Helpful? The common wisdom in the security world is that easy-to-use scripts to circumvent security--called "exploits"--are a threat to the Internet. CNET | ZDNet
05.19.2004 Core Security Technologies Releases CORE IMPACT 4.0 By
05.20.2004 Core Security Unwraps Security-Test Tool By Ellen MessmerIT World Canada
05.24.2004 Core Security Unwraps Security-Test Tool By Ellen MessmerNetwork World Fusion
05.24.2004 Automated Penetration Testing with CORE IMPACT 4.0 By Berislav KucanHelp Net Security
06.01.2004 Core Penetrates Testing Market By Patricia ResendeMass High Tech
08.20.2004 InfoWorld uses CORE IMPACT to test network intrusion detection systems. Penetration testing product helps in evaluation of four leading IDS solutions.InfoWorld
09.15.2004 Six Secrets of Highly Secure Organizations Read about the 2004 Global Information Security Survey and how CIO Magazine believes that penetration testing is one of the 6 secrets to securing your organization.CIO Magazine
10.01.2004 Entercept Intercepts Threats Read how penetration testing product CORE IMPACT helps test the effectiveness of Entercept IPS.InfoWorld
10.12.2004 Microsoft issues 10 security bulletins, seven critical
02.08.2005 Microsoft issues critical fixes
02.09.2005 Exploit released for MSN Messenger 'avatar' hole Published code attacks a hole in component used to display smiley faces, buddy icons.InfoWorld