Core Security In the News

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09.13.2011 Microsoft Fixes Excel, Office Flaws During September Patch Tuesday Update eWEEK
10.31.2013 Hacking Affordable Health Care Sites Could Be at Risk eWeek
12.05.2013 Microsoft Patches Two-Dozen Flaws in Final Patch Tuesday of 2013 eWeek
03.17.2007 Symantec Voices Security Concerns over Vista's Use of Tunneling Protocol eWeek
03.04.2006 Tool Simulates Real-Life Attacks eWeek
11.23.2011 Shoppers Need Watch for Scams While Using Mobile Devices on Black Friday eWEEK
12.12.2013 Zeus Malware Goes 64 Bit, Includes Tor Connectivity eWeek
12.09.2011 Microsoft Plans Patches for 20 Bugs in December Patch Tuesday eWEEK
05.24.2013 Twitter Deploys Two-Factor Authentication to Protect User Accounts eWeek
02.08.2011 Nasdaq Hackers After Sensitive Inside Information, Not Trading System eWeek
05.22.2008 Apple Users Wait for iCal Patches eWeek
03.24.2009 HP Plugs Critical Security Holes in OpenView Network Management Technology eWeek
03.11.2014 Microsoft Patches 23 Security Vulnerabilities in March Update - See more at: eWeek
07.10.2013 Microsoft, Adobe Patch Critical Vulnerabilities in Security Updates eWeek
09.17.2003 New DB2 Flaws Could Prove Troublesome eWeek
05.21.2008 Bugs Bite Apple iCal Application eWeek
11.04.2008 Security Bug Bites Adobe Reader eWeek
05.13.2011 Editors recommend new hardware, software and seniices that enterprise IT decision-makers should have on their radar eWeek
06.09.2011 Citigroup Credit Card Portal Breach Compromises 200,000 Customers eWeek
05.19.2014 Justice Department Charges Chinese Military Officers With Hacking eWeek