Core Security In the News

Core Security has been mentioned or quoted in the following news articles.  

Published Datesort ascending Link Source
06.25.2010 FTC Tells Twitter to Protect the Private Data of its Users USA Today
06.23.2010 Improve IT Security With Server Virtualization Server Watch
06.21.2010 Core Security Couples Security to Business Risks CTOEdge
06.21.2010 Testing and the Business of Security ThreatPost
05.30.2010 Building a Foundation for Global Cybercrime Law Enforcement Computer Fraud and Security
05.21.2010 Cyber-Threat Proliferation IEEE
05.17.2010 Security Patching: What Your Vendors Aren't Telling You Internet Evolution
05.14.2010 Business Cyber-Security News Channel 8
05.06.2010 Security firm reveals Microsoft's 'silent' patches Computerworld
05.05.2010 Microsoft update secretly fixed two 'severe' bugs The Register
04.30.2010 Software [In]security: Assume Nothing informIT
04.30.2010 The Silver Bullet Security Podcast Cigital
04.30.2010 How Assumptions May Be Making Us All Less Secure Threatpost
04.26.2010 Product of the Week: CORE IMPACT Pro v10.5 Network World
04.21.2010 Windows-based attack bypasses file restrictions, network detection
04.01.2010 Rolling Review: SaaS Web Security Services Kickoff Network Computing
04.01.2010 U.S. Plays Down Google Breaches to Gain China's Support on Iran Bloomberg
03.17.2010 Microsoft, security vendor clash over Virtual PC bug Computerworld
03.17.2010 Revised cybersecurity bill introduced in Senate Computerworld
03.16.2010 Microsoft Virtual PC zero-day flaw weakens virtual sessions