Core Security In the News

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12.09.2010 Core Security Adds Network Device Assessment, Web App Scanner Integration to Automated Penetration <br>Testing Solution Enterprise Systems
06.10.2011 NIST Security Recommendations... in English eSecurity Planet
10.04.2013 Adobe Breach: Was Source Code Real Target? eSecurity Planet
05.04.2012 Adobe Patches Flash Player Bug as Hackers Attack IE for Windows eWEEK
02.06.2007 Testers Shine Light on CA-Vista Vulnerability eWeek
12.13.2010 Core Security Penetration Testing Tool Focuses on Critical Assets eWeek
06.13.2011 IMF Breach May be State-Sponsored Spear Phishing Attack eWeek
11.04.2008 Adobe Reader Flaw Leaves PCs Open to Attack eWeek
06.19.2011 Password Security Remains the Weakest Link Even After Big Data Breaches eWeek
03.11.2014 Microsoft Patches 23 Security Vulnerabilities in March Update - See more at: eWeek
07.10.2013 Microsoft, Adobe Patch Critical Vulnerabilities in Security Updates eWeek
04.27.2009 Qualys Extension to Its PCI Compliance Set to Help SMBs eWeek
03.04.2006 Tool Simulates Real-Life Attacks eWeek
07.06.2012 Microsoft Readies Patches for 16 Security Vulnerabilities eWEEK
09.13.2011 Microsoft Fixes Excel, Office Flaws During September Patch Tuesday Update eWEEK
08.07.2013 Twitter Gives Two-Factor Security a Second Shot eWeek
05.19.2014 Justice Department Charges Chinese Military Officers With Hacking eWeek
03.04.2008 Google Android SDK Hits Security Speed Bump eWeek
09.17.2003 New DB2 Flaws Could Prove Troublesome eWeek
08.19.2013 Facebook vs. Hackers: Win One, Lose One eWeek