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02.25.2014 RSAC: The Connected Car, Connected to Trouble?
08.23.2012 McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Adds New Partners Security Industry's Premier Technology-partnering Program Expands New Technology Solutions
08.18.2005 Core Security Helps Admins Hack Their Own Networks "Penetration testing picks up where 'scan and identify' leaves off," said Charles J. Kolodgy, research director at IDC. "As companies move to integrated solutions for greater protection, penetration testing will become more important." Newsfactor Network
12.10.2003 New Ways To Exploit Windows Flaws Give Hackers Ammo "What we found is that there are some new attack vectors to exploit the same vulnerability that were not originally considered," says Core ST's CTO Ivan Arce. The new method of exploiting the known flaw "is a very efficient way of compromising the system.
05.02.2006 Core Impact puts a vise grip on vulnerabilities A deeper look at Core Security's long-standing scanner shows the value of commercial vulnerability solutionsInfoWorld
06.23.2005 Review: Penetration Testing Software A penetration assessment will ensure your network is secure from attackers as well as malicious employees, partners and customers. We evaluated three products that take decidedly different routes to the same end. Which solution will leave you feeling bull
12.10.2003 Flaw Could Unleash Another Slammer A research company warned Tuesday that an attacker could use a recently patched Microsoft flaw to create a fast-moving worm similar to SQL Slammer, which spread rapidly across the Internet a year ago.CNET
03.20.2002 Core Security anuncia filial brasileira A subsidiária da empresa de segurança de informações deve buscar parcerias, além de lançar ferramentas no mercado localIT Web
11.28.2001 Software Flaw Threatens Linux Servers A vulnerability in the most widely used FTP server program for Linux has left numerous sites open to online attackers, a situation worsened when Red Hat mistakenly released information on the flaw early, leaving other Linux companies scrambling to get a f
03.27.2002 Core Security chega ao País e projeta faturar US$ 4 mi Agência Estado
07.02.2012 There's No Holiday From Security Threats All Analytics
07.03.2012 CORE Security Digs Through Data to Find Threats All Analytics
05.16.2006 Penetration Testing Is First Stop for Alstom Alstom needed a product that provided more information and required less learning.Dark Reading
02.11.2005 MSN Messenger Exploit Code Goes Public Although no attacks based on the hole have been reported, the security community is bracing itself for at least some. MSN Messenger is used by over 130 million people worldwide, making it an attractive target. "I think we can expect to start seeing malici
01.11.2011 How One Bank Is Counterattacking the Zeus Threat American Banker
03.06.2006 Trends 2006: Application Security Testing Applications are business enablers, allowing people and programs to access the data and information they need to perform their work. Because that information is often the target of an attacker, applications must be designed and implemented based on securi
05.06.2008 Ground up
11.11.2011 Mac OS X has its own sandbox security hole Ars Technica
06.12.2009 Weak security opens door to credit card hacks Associated Press
09.25.2007 Security firm spots hole in AOL´s IM Associated Press