Endpoint Penetration Testing

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Core Impact Pro gives you visibility into the efficacy of your endpoint defenses and reveals where your most pressing risks exist.

  • test desktops, laptops and workstations for OS, application and services vulnerabilities
  • gauge the effectiveness of anti-virus, IDS, NAC and other perimeter defenses
  • validate vulnerability scanner results to distinguish real threats from false positives
  • ensure that devices are properly configured and up-to-date with security patches
  • emulate multistaged threats testing both your perimeter and internal defenses using privilege escalation and pivoting techniques to drill down to your organization’s most critical assets


Commercial-Grade Client-Side Exploits

With Core Impact, you can level real-world exploits at endpoints in a controlled manner to safely assess system defenses using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Impact is built around a vast library of commercial-grade exploits that mimic real-world endpoint attack scenarios. You can also create your own custom exploits that leverage inside knowledge of your organization.

Core Impact's extensive library of client-side exploits includes attacks that target:

  • Endpoint applications: e.g., web browsers, email clients, instant messaging, media players, business applications and productivity tools
  • Endpoint security solutions: e.g., antivirus, anti-phishing, anti-malware, host-based intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Endpoint operating systems and services: e.g., Windows, Mac, Linux

Created in-house by a dedicated team of security experts, Impact’s client-side exploits are tested and updated on a daily basis -- ensuring that they are current, effective and safe for your environment.


Automated Penetration Testing of Standard Desktop Images

Core Impact Pro allows you to automatically run all client-side exploits against standard desktop images prior to deployment in your live network environment, including known OS and application vulnerabilities for Microsoft® Office, Adobe®, Mozilla®, Cisco®, and other endpoint applications.

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