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Driving Down Web-Based Security Risks

Penetration Testing for Higher Education

Driving Down Web-Based Security Risks

Educational institutions are under more pressure than ever to make many of their informational and administrative resources available online to allow maximum flexibility for students and other constituents including teaching staff and alumni donors. And while these online applications offer tremendous value in helping education sector organizations communicate with all of their varied constituents, web applications have emerged as the primary target for advanced hackers and malware programs seeking to infiltrate protected environments to disrupt operations and steal sensitive data.

Using our products to test the security of web applications allows organizations to continue to roll out new systems without simultaneously expanding their risks, as well as meet related regulatory compliance demands by:

  • Identifying weaknesses in web applications, web servers and associated databases.
  • Dynamically generating exploits that can compromise security weaknesses in custom applications.
  • Demonstrating the potential consequences of successful attacks by replicating local attacks against backend resources.
  • Generating actionable data necessary for focusing development resources on remediating proven security issues.
  • Confirming the efficacy of application code fixes and ensuring that new exposures have not been created. 

Learn how conducting penetration testing at educational institutions can help you to:

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