Optimizing Vulnerability Management with Forrester Analyst Chenxi Wang Webcast

The new and evolving threat landscape requires that IT security remains constantly vigilant. Keeping on top of the vulnerabilities in your environment is an essential part of that strategy – you need to understand where your weak points are before you can effectively defend yourself.” – Chenxi Wang, Forrester Research

Please join Core Security and Chenxi Wang of Forrester Research for a discussion of how proactive identification and validation of known (and unknown) vulnerabilities is helping IT security leaders to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape. 

During the webcast, Dr. Wang will draw from Forrester’s years of experience working with IT security professionals, tracking data breach incidents, and assessing security solutions. You’ll learn: 

  • How attacks are changing in nature, complexity and method
  • Which IT security projects are current top priorities for enterprise and SMB decision-makers
  • Where attackers are having the most success in achieving data breaches
  • Which strategies Forrester sees as crucial to attaining IT risk situational awareness
  • How Forrester views penetration testing fitting into proactive risk assessments 

This webcast is ideal for IT security leaders seeking to gain better metrics about real-world security threats – and to translate that threat data into actionable remediation for their organizations.

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