The Numbers Game: Tracking Information Security Metrics That Matter Webcast

As a security executive, you’re tasked to continually manage performance and get the most out of your technical, fiscal and human resources. You probably measure and track a ton of operational metrics, such as the percentage of users who undergo background checks or the number of virus infections addressed during the year. You’re undoubtedly sitting on a lot of data, but are you gaining metrics that provide clarity into practical security questions like “Can we be breached?” You don’t have time to waste sifting through reams of data and postulating which of your controls are working and where you have critical exposures – you need actionable data based on real-world security metrics.

Please join Core Security and Ed Ferrara, principle research analyst at Forrester Research for a webcast discussion of which metrics can provide the greatest clarity and impact for your security decision-making and planning. You’ll learn:  

  • how to demonstrate alignment between your security program and business goals
  • what methods can be used to continuously measure IT risks in relation to real-world attacks
  • how to effectively communicate key trends and metrics to executives in terms they understand
  • where automated security processes can assist in pinpointing and addressing critical risks

Ed will also review his seven key metrics for aligning security with business goals. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the tools and skills needed to present your information security program in a clear and valuable way!

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