Download Lessons Learned from HB Gary Breach and Social Engineering

Despite highly publicized breaches such as HB Gary Federal, regimented internal warnings from corporate IT, and even dedicated training programs aimed at educating employees about phishing attacks and cyber criminals, social engineering continues to increase in popularity among cyber-criminals and hack-tivists.  An astounding 37% of all corporate data stolen in 2011 was traced back to a pre-texting social-engineering attack.

And while many details of the HB Gary Federal attack are now known, has your organizations internalized the lessons learned?  Are you fully prepared as a security professional to thwart such attacks?  Are your employees hardened?  Is your organization thoughtfully aware?

Join Core Security Consulting experts as they revisit the HB Gary Federal attack and review:  

  • How did hackers execute their attack?
  • What specific techniques were used?
  • What are the emerging techniques being employed?
  • What defensive protections failed or could have been implemented better?
  • What are the 5 simple things you can do tomorrow to harden your employees against phishing?
  • How to get your executives to ‘Get it’ when it comes to social engineering?
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