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Demos and Evaluations

Demos and Evaluations

Core Impact Pro Penetration Testing Software Demos

Core Impact Pro is the first and most comprehensive vulnerability assessment and penetration testing software solution for proactively identifying critical information security exposures. Unlike other vulnerability management solutions, Core Impact provides customers with commercial-grade, multi-vector testing capabilities that safely replicate data breach attempts across network, client, web, mobile, and wireless environments. As a result, security teams gain actionable information for collaborating with compliance and business leaders to proactively prioritize and mitigate risk.

Core Insight Predictive Security Intelligence Demos

Core Insight is the first security intelligence solution that enables organizations to continuously and proactively assess their business risks. Core Insight empowers executives to make informed choices for improving security, optimizing budgets, and increasing operational efficiency. By combining advanced simulation with real-world testing, Core Insight provides actionable information otherwise overlooked amidst volumes of security data. Customers gain unprecedented intelligence regarding their organization’s real-time security posture, while connecting real risks to specific operational and business goals.

CoreLabs Open Source and Free Security Projects

In addition to conducting ongoing vulnerability and exploit research, and contributing to Core Security’s products, the CoreLabs group has also introduced some open-source  and free tools that allow security testers to automate a range of simple tasks involving everything from packet capturing to exploit writing to post-pen test clean-up. These are offered to further the community spirit of the pen testing segment and continue to foster an open developer and user community.

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