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Core Insight 4.5 New Features

Core Insight 4.5 adds new attack intelligence features to your vulnerability management initiatives enterprise-wide. These features include a centralized asset store for consolidating and normalizing large amounts of vulnerability data, flexible reporting for granular analysis and customization, and interactive attack paths to quickly model potential threat scenarios on the fly.


Flexible Reporting

Core Insight 4.5 features a flexible reporting engine that facilitates granular filtering, grouping, and extensive configuration of large amounts of data. This engine allows you the choice of out-of-the-box reports or creating your own reports. Reports are easily customized (branding, pivot tables, visual charts, etc.) through Microsoft Excel templates. After configuring the Excel templates, the report can be shared as a PDF file or imported into Core Insight for future usage. This flexibility makes it easier to share data with co-workers, constituents and management. 

Centralized Asset Store

In order to efficiently consolidate and normalize growing amounts of vulnerability data, while maintaining overall scalability and performance, Core Insight now leverages a centralized single-instance asset store for simpler data import, faster analytics, and flexible queries. Core Insight comes with pre-defined connectors to Vulnerability Assessment solutions from Tenable Nessus®, Tenable SecurityCenter®, Tripwire IP360™, McAfee® Vulnerability Manager, and Qualys® VM. The results of the data import can be immediately sorted and filtered by vector type, IP, CVE, and server type, among other criteria. This helps organizations with many assets consolidate and normalize this data in one location for analytics and reporting.

Enhanced Exploit Matching & Filtering

To further enhance the vulnerability prioritization capabilities of Core Insight, release 4.5 takes exploit matching to a new level. You can now filter and prioritize imported vulnerabilities using more than 6.3 million data points found in the Vulnerability Context Catalog. This allows you to create customized threat scenarios representing potential business risk specific to your organization. The results from exploit matching and filtering can be shared in a report or viewed directly in Core Insight.

Interactive Attack Paths

Tailored for complex environments with thousands of assets that change on a regular basis, Core Insight provides a single view of attack risk throughout the largest networks. You can quickly model potential threat scenarios on the fly according to risk criteria that are most relevant to your business. This interactive view allows you to quickly modify attack path characteristics to see exactly how an attack could propagate across your network. After high-risk attack paths have been identified and eliminated, you can immediately visualize and report on improved risk state.

Smart Card Authentication

Core Insight now supports digital certificate authentication through web browsers and smart cards. Smart cards (known as Common Access Cards in the public sector) are used on a daily basis by private organizations and federal agencies alike, providing an added layer of security with embedded certificates when accessing sensitive data.  If you’re required to use a smart card, now you can gain secure access to Core Insight simply by inserting the card, connecting to Core Insight via a browser, accepting the browser certificate and entering the related authentication PIN. No additional coding or customization is required. 

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