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Core Insight Reports

Vulnerability Management Reports that Communicate Your Security Posture

Core Insight offers a variety of vulnerability management reports that help you track security progress and communicate risk throughout your organization.


Executive Report

The Core Insight Executive Report provides a high-level view of results across multiple campaigns. It is useful for identifying key areas of risk within the environment, tracking changes in risk posture over time, and informing decisions on where to focus resources.

The report summarizes all exposures and assets discovered during testing in terms of:

  • geographic location
  • business unit
  • goal category
  • compliance area


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Download a sample Executive Report (PDF) >


Campaign Technical and Summary Reports

An Insight campaign is a security testing project that consists of a goal (e.g., breach a specific server), testing scope (i.e., a range of IP addresses or web pages), campaign owner(s), and schedule. Campaigns can be run once, on a regular basis, or continuously.

The Campaign Technical Report details the following for each test in the campaign:

  • critical assets breached
  • penetration points (i.e., exploitable systems comprising paths to breachable assets)
  • exploitable vulnerabilities at each penetration point
  • assets discovered during testing
  • evidence of breach points
  • a full audit trail of all activities

The Campaign Summary Report compares test results within a campaign over time, allowing you to demonstrate vulnerability management progress for specific high-value assets and their surrounding infrastructure.

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Download a sample Campaign Technical Report (PDF) >


Risk Verification Report

The Risk Verification Report compares the results of repeated tests of vulnerabilities in your environment. The report demonstrates that vulnerabilities have been properly patched and retested to confirm remediation.

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Download a sample Risk Verification Report (PDF) >


Vulnerability Validation Report

Core Insight Enterprise offers integration connectors for a number of popular network and web vulnerability scanning solutions. Through the connectors, Insight can import scan results from these solutions and then determine which of the reported vulnerabilities pose critical, exploitable weaknesses in the tested environment. The Vulnerability Validation Report details which of the imported vulnerabilities where tested for exploitability and which were in fact exploitable.

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Download a sample Vulnerability Validation Report (PDF) >

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