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CORE Insight New Features

Introducing CORE Insight v3.0

CORE Insight 3.0 delivers multi-vector vulnerability assessment, asset categorization, threat simulation, penetration testing and advanced security analytics, all in the context of network topography. This unique combination feeds a unified security risk management console that streamlines the entire vulnerability management lifecycle – prioritizing and reducing risk in the context of business, regulatory compliance and operational metrics.  Insight also offers improved automation that allows teams to focus on decreasing costs and complexity of security management across an enterprise.

New capabilities in this release include:

  • Network Topology Visualization for Threat Modeling
  • Automated Asset Labeling
  • Network Scanning 
  • Web & Cloud Scanning
  • End-User Security Assessment (Phishing)
  • McAfee ePO integration 
  • Insight/Impact Pro Integration

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