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Core Insight v4.0 New Features

Introducing Core Insight v4.0

Core Insight 4.0 adds new attack intelligence capabilities and advanced analytics to help security professionals focus on the most likely threats to their business. This release adds attack path configuration based on weighted risk filters and attacker profiles, advanced vulnerability prioritization, and distributed penetration testing.

Expanded and Configurable Attack Path Planning
Attack path planning is expanded to include private, theoretical, virus and malware exploits in addition to Core Security and Metasploit exploits. The attack path planning results can be customized using various filters such as network connectivity, location, and potential business impact to help organizations prioritize known attack paths according to their own risk criteria.

Attacker Profiles
Real attackers use many strategies to compromise high value business assets. With Core Insight 4.0, security professionals can model attack paths by identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities that match attacker goals based on industry vertical or threat type.

Distributed Penetration Testing
Organizations that are distributed across geographic locations are now able to execute penetration tests from a remote location, no matter where the target system resides, eliminating the need to be physically present to perform validation tests.


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