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Core Insight Dashboards

The Core Insight Dashboard helps you track and measure vulnerability management effectiveness throughout your organization. They give you a centralized view of your enterprise risk levels, plus full drill-down capabilities for conducting further analysis and making informed decisions.


Sample Dashboards

Core Insight 4.5 Dashboard - Click to zoom 


Asset Heat Maps

In the Core Insight dashboard, you can quickly see the risk status of various areas of your organization, viewable by geography, data type, or compliance area. The colored boxes represent the asset risk level based on potential breaches and vulnerabilities.

Core Insight heat map


Attack Paths

Core Insight reveals how adversaries can traverse multiple vulnerabilities across layers of infrastructure to access your most valuable business assets. These attack paths reveal exposed resources that can lead an adversary to critical business assets. 

Core Insight attack path

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Vulnerability Risk Trends

View risk trends of exploit types and volume, geographic location, or compliance regulation. Track the progress of your vulnerability management initiatives over time to see which areas require additional resources.

Core Insight risk trends

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Emerging Network Threats

Monitor active and potential threats throughout your environment. See how the latest exploits impact your devices and critical assets.

Core Insight campaigns

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