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Core Insight Dashboards

Security Dashboards for Monitoring Your Enterprise Security Posture

Core Insight Dashboards give you a centralized view of your enterprise security posture, plus full drill-down capabilities for conducting further analysis and making informed decisions.


Sample Dashboards

CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Heatmap Dashboard

CORE Insight 3.0 CISO Dashboard - Click to zoom

CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Dashboard for Security Testers

Security Tester Dashboard - Click to zoom


Heat Maps: See what's important now

  • See the security standing of different operational areas throughout your IT environment
  • View by geographic area, data category, or compliance area
  • View the relative sizes of tested environments and numbers of penetration instances and breach points
  • Each colored box = a Campaign
    • Size = % of assets tested
    • Color = # of goals achieved (called potential breaches) or penetration points (i.e., exposures forming paths to Goals)
  • Click on boxes to drill down to quantified Campaign data
    • Details on potential breaches and penetration points
    • Presented using terminology specific to your organization

CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Dashboard Heat Map

Click image to zoom


Attack Paths: Reveal the implications of vulnerabilities in your environment

  • See how attackers can traverse chains of vulnerabilities to reach critical assets
  • Visualize cross-vector threats, such as web application vulnerabilities that expose backend network systems
  • Demonstrate how exposures on seemingly low-risk systems can open the door to critical breaches

CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Dashboard Attack Path

Click image to zoom


Assessment and Risk Trends: Get metrics for resource allocations and business justifications

  • Track numbers of penetration instances, breach points, assets tested, and tests conducted
  • Demonstrate the progress of security testing and vulnerability remediation initiatives
  • Compare Campaigns by geographic location, business unit, system category, data category, or compliance area
  • Identify areas with increasing risk requiring additional resources
  • Understand how risk levels change over time

CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Dashboard Risk Trend

Click image to zoom


Active Campaigns: Monitor active security tests

  • Monitor test coverage and frequency
  • See where your environment is most susceptible to breaches
  • Understand which assets are vulnerability and where attack paths exist

CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Dashboard Active Security Tests

Click image to zoom


Insight Updates: View emerging threats in your testing arsenal

  • Monitor commercial-grade exploits and other testing modules as they are added to Insight
  • See how the latest exploits map to your environment
  • Know that your security tests address the latest threats

CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Dashboard Emerging Threats

Click image to zoom


Advanced Vulnerability Management Charts: Track focus and efficiency

Quantify critical, exploitable weaknesses as they are distilled from imported vulnerability scan data

CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Dashboard Vulnerability Charts

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Drill-Down Capabilities: Gain actionable information

Focus on specific operational areas and test campaigns to access quantifiable, sortable data, as well as contact information for asset owners and security testers

CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Dashboard Drill-Down

Click image to zoom


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