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CORE Insight Business Benefits

Effective Operational Risk Management Solutions

CORE Insight enables you to take a proactive, head-on approach to eliminating business risk.

  • Predict security threats:Proactively identify exposures throughout your environment and understand how they impact your business
  • Validate critical vulnerabilities: Increase efficiency, pinpointing critical threats previously lost in disparate data feeds
  • Communicate risk clearly and effectively: Present risk analytics in the context of key assets, operational areas, compliance mandates, and business objectives
  • Assess security controls: Test defense efficacy and make informed spending decisions
  • Scale security assessments: Expand scope, reach and frequency without adding headcount
  • Assess and analyze web application vulnerabilities: Reduce risk and minimize development spending by identifying exposures before go-live
  • Test end users and endpoints: Address lapses in awareness and minimize threat surfaces
  • Achieve comprehensive asset visibility: Reveal and track previously unknown systems and attack targets
  • Stay ahead of emerging threats: Receive several updates each month containing new and enhanced testing capabilities

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