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Prioritize security vulnerabilities

Core Insight

Attack Intelligence Platform

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Core Insight helps you Think Like an Attacker™
– to proactively address security threats based on consolidated and prioritized vulnerabilities, and actual attack patterns an adversary would use. Consolidating multiple vulnerability scans across vendors, while matching known exploits and simulating attacks lets you cut through the noise and focus on the most vulnerable points of your network.

Core Insight is able to simulate attacks on your infrastructure, using our patented attack path planner, by correlating known exploits, attack patterns, network and security data, with identified vulnerabilities. Following simulation, our patented attack engine can be used for automated live testing or targeted manual testing. With Core Insight, you are able to narrow your focus to the most vulnerable points on your network and applications.
As a result, operations staff can more efficiently and effectively remediate vulnerabilities
to ensure the security of critical business assets.

Core Insight enables you to:

Consolidate and prioritize vulnerabilities

  • Collect, manage and prioritize raw network, web and client-side security assessment data
  • Reduce scan data overload and effectively prioritize remediation efforts

Gain Actionable Attack Intelligence

  • Validate vulnerability data from multiple, disparate sources
  • Know exactly how an attacker can reach your critical assets

Reveal attack paths across multiple vectors

  • Consider all possible exploits including “in-the-wild”, private, theoretical, wormified, virus and malware, in addition to Core Security and Metasploit exploits
  • Demonstrate how attackers can chain vulnerabilities across vectors to move through your environment

What's New

Introducing Core Insight 4.0

  • Configurable Attack Path Planning
  • Advanced Vulnerability Prioritization
  • Distributed Penetration Testing
  • Deep Vulnerability Context

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Dashboards and Reporting

Gain centralized visibility into your enterprise security posture

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Core Insight Wins Information Security Readers’ Choice Award 2014

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