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Prioritize security vulnerabilities

Core Insight

Attack Intelligence Platform

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Core Insight consolidates, normalizes, and prioritizes vulnerability management initiatives enterprise-wide. Consolidating multiple vulnerability scans across vendors, while matching known exploits and simulating attacks enables you to focus on the most vulnerable points of your network.


Core Insight enables you to:

Consolidate and prioritize vulnerabilities

  • Collect, manage and prioritize raw network, web and client-side security assessment data
  • Reduce scan data overload and effectively prioritize remediation efforts

Gain Actionable Attack Intelligence

  • Validate vulnerability data from multiple, disparate sources
  • Know exactly how an attacker can reach your critical assets

Reveal attack paths across multiple vectors

  • Consider all possible exploits including “in-the-wild”, private, theoretical, wormified, virus and malware, in addition to Core Security and Metasploit exploits
  • Demonstrate how attackers can chain vulnerabilities across vectors to move through your environment

What's New

Introducing Core Insight 4.0

  • Configurable Attack Path Planning
  • Advanced Vulnerability Prioritization
  • Distributed Penetration Testing
  • Deep Vulnerability Context

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Dashboards and Reporting

Gain centralized visibility into your enterprise security posture

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Visit the Core Insight Resources Center for data sheets, product reviews, videos, whitepapers and more.


Core Insight Wins Information Security Readers’ Choice Award 2014

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