CORE Impact Pro v2013 R2.2 New Features Overview

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CORE Impact v2013 R2.2 builds upon the recent 2013 R2.1 release and adds more than 20 new updates to the product, which include:

  • Published an exploit for Microsoft Office TIFF 0-day (CVE-2013-3906) (Learn more: CVE-2013-3906: a graphics vulnerability exploited through Word documents; McAfee Labs Detects Zero-Day Exploit Targeting Microsoft Office)
  • Client-side attacks are now much more robust thanks to improvements in the agent process injector
  • Added enhancements to trojan agents so they now have improved reliability and are more resistant to detection by Kaspersky antivirus
  • Retina integration revisited and improved
  • Added integration support for Metasploit 4.8
  • Improvements to the Identity Verifiers heuristic, adding capabilities to use the username as a possible value for the password
  • Resolved an issue that was raised in Remediation Validation.  Identity Verifiers are now correctly marked as solved when remediated
  • Plus more than 10 new/updated exploits for targets such as Mac OS X samba, Sophos antivirus and Microsoft Word.

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