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The CORE Impact Certified Professional (CICP) and CORE Impact Certified Advanced Professional (CICAP) programs are instructor-led, on-site training and certification courses. These programs help participants get the most value from security assessments by combining in-depth product training with guidance on planning, promoting, conducting and reporting on highly targeted penetration tests.

Held in a small-group setting, each course is a two-day training program which can be tailored to address the specific aspects of Impact Pro and the security testing process that apply most to your organization’s environment, level of pen testing experience, and testing goals. Participants have the opportunity to conduct real-world, hands-on penetration testing against lab environments specifically designed to reinforce and deepen the understanding of principles presented during the class.

CICP is a comprehensive introductory course to Impact Pro and the wizard-driven RPTs (Rapid Penetration Tests) for web applications, network systems, end users and their systems, wireless networks, and network devices. The CICP course builds on the free online training included with every Impact Pro license.

By participating in the CICP training Impact Pro users will learn:

  • Using the Impact PRO interface and workspaces
  • Conducting Rapid Penetration Tests
  • Escalating privileges and pivoting
  • Importing vulnerability scan results and filtering them for exploitability

The CICAP course is designed for those who have already received CICP certification and are seeking to expand their security assessments by gaining an advanced knowledge of CORE Impact professional. This course goes beyond the wizard functionality of Impact Pro covers how it can be utilized with various modules to address large- or small-scale network assessments, customized and covert client-side engagements, or deep web application tests.

The CICAP training covers in-depth, advanced topics such as:

  • How to re-create and supplement the Network Attack and Penetration RPT using modules only
  • Which attacks and penetration tests can be performed in web-based environments including SQLi, XXS, and RFI analysis – as well as CVE exploits and manual SQL development
  • How to integrate other tools such as scanners and Nmap, exploits from other frameworks, modifying agent executables and tunneling with agents with Impact Pro
  • SMB, manual property adjustments, and adding host manually within Network testing


Certification Details

Upon passing a competency examination consisting of questions designed to validate Impact Pro product knowledge, attendees receive a certificate confirming their CICP or CICAP status. By attending CICP and/or CICAP training, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs) also receive credits toward maintaining their certificates, recognized by (ISC)2.
CICPs and CICAPs are recognized as professional CORE Impact users and practitioners of comprehensive, commercial-grade penetration testing. Even experienced users are sure to walk away from the programs with new tips and tricks that expand their CORE Impact penetration testing skills.


Next Steps

Both trainings are available at your location or at our Boston office. Please contact us at to learn more about rates, availability and other details regarding these training courses. 

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