West Point to Use CORE IMPACT

West Point to Use CORE IMPACT

BOSTON, MA: September 29, 2003 – Core Security Technologies today announced that the United States Military Academy at West Point has licensed CORE IMPACT, the first-to-market penetration testing product for assessing specific information security risks. The United States Military Academy at West Point uses CORE IMPACT as a tool to facilitate Information Assurance education. Instructors at West Point use the professional penetration testing product to easily and efficiently demonstrate real world attacks to their students. Educators in the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science will use IMPACT to specifically teach students how computer networks are attacked, penetrated, and have their resources compromised.

“CORE IMPACT provides us the parameters that best meet the standards we require,” stated Major Ronald C Dodge JR, Assistant Professor and Senior Research Scientist, Information Technology and Operations Center (ITOC). Historically, Information Assurance educators at West Point had been relegated to using manual, time-consuming, homegrown exploits to demonstrate how network information was vulnerable to an attack. “IMPACT, provides us the ability to more efficiently show cadets what a real attack looks like and they can easily see the implications of an exploit run against a machine.” Dodge said.

CORE IMPACT is designed to replace expensive, inconsistent manual penetration testing with a professional, state-of-the-art automated penetration testing product. CORE IMPACT enables real-world attacks on IT assets and presents analysis of information security risks in one comprehensive application.

“In today’s military, personnel serve in a digitized army that can only succeed if its leaders have the right set of technological skills,” stated Paul Paget CEO of Core Security Technologies. “CORE IMPACT will help instructors easily and efficiently use, mange, update, and demonstrate the impact of a successful attack on network information assets. We are pleased that our innovative product will help instructors successfully meet the exceptional learning objectives at West Point.”

Instructors in the ITOC, a devoted research center at West Point, continually strive to educate cadets in the latest information assurance capabilities. IMPACT now makes it possible for them to better demonstrate a broad range of exploits to their students. Furthermore, IMPACT’s ease of use enables educators to quickly train others on the product.

Penetration testing with CORE IMPACT relates an accurate and comprehensive view of an information security stance, as it evaluates an entire network, exploiting vulnerabilities to determine precisely what information is at risk. CORE IMPACT makes it easy, efficient and cost-effective for security professionals, network engineers or administrators to perform penetration tests. With just a point and click, CORE IMPACT enables a user to actively exploit vulnerabilities within a network, replicating the kinds of access an intruder could achieve. CORE IMPACT helps you to safely understand your network’s vulnerabilities before an attacker does.

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