First Forum for Information Security for the Republic of Argentina

First Forum for Information Security for the Republic of Argentina

The leading companies in the field joined in the first security group in Argentina with the objective of providing a strategic and global vision on Information Security to the marketplace.

Norberto Marinelli, Certisur; Iván Arce, Core Security Technologies; Julio Ardita, Cybsec; Adrián Setton, Lightech; Claudio Pasik, Nextvision; and Sergio Salimbeni, Reycom-Etek; agree that e-business is transforming the processes and perspectives which govern the success of an intensive information market. Companies prove more effective having control over critical information—whether from servers or in the Internet. This underlies the need for a widespread knowledge of the risks to which the different organizations are exposed, along with the tools of prevention at hand.

These executives concur that "Companies should be informed on the investment value of applying a security solution to their business," and state, "We are committed to providing our know-how to minimize time and cost margins."

These leading companies—with local and regional presence—agree to provide training opportunities within the short term for regulatory agencies, chambers of commerce and research firms, so that their associates can become informed on the current market conditions and existing solutions.

Thu, August 09