Core Security Surpasses Landmark 1000th Customer Milestone Driven by Record Q2 2010 Growth

Core Security Surpasses Landmark 1000th Customer Milestone Driven by Record Q2 2010 Growth

Market’s Adoption of Automated Security Testing Solutions Charges Forward as

Industry Leaders from Key Verticals Embrace Core’s Solutions

BOSTON - July 26, 2010 - Core Security Technologies, the market’s leading provider of IT security testing solutions that enable organizations to get ahead of threats and bridge the gap between security data and critical business risks, today announced that it has crested the 1,000 customer mark for its flagship CORE IMPACT Pro automated penetration testing solution.

Attaining this milestone number of paying customers further illustrates the company’s rapid growth and the significance of its products in helping organizations address today’s most pressing security challenges. Core’s current customer base represents many of the worlds’ most successful and forward-thinking organizations – from highly sophisticated, distributed private sector firms to the most security-intensive government agencies and operations located around the globe.

Among those organizations who have already invested in the CORE IMPACT Pro, a select group is also involved in early development of the recently announced CORE INSIGHT Enterprise security testing and measurement solution.  

Marquee names - from many of the world’s most competitive and highly-sought after industries – can be found among Core’s customers, including:

  • The top three telecommunications providers in the world
  • Two of the world’s three largest commercial software makers
  • Six of the seven largest aerospace and defense companies worldwide
  • Two of the three largest pharmaceutical companies in the world
  • Over a dozen no. 1 Fortune 500 companies in their respective industries

Long recognized by independent industry watchers including IT security analysts and members of the technology media as the unquestioned leader in the automated security testing arena, those public endorsements continue to be validated by the growing number of organizations investing in Core Security Technologies products today.

“Reaching the 1,000 customer mark is a significant milestone that not only emphasizes that Core is an extremely vital, rapidly growing business but also reinforces that automated security testing software has reached a critical mass where it represents a critical element of mature enterprise IT security programs,” said Mark Hatton, CEO of Core Security. “So many of the organizations that we serve today are clearly the best at what they do in the markets that they serve; we feel that there’s a direct relationship in their decision to utilize Core’s solutions and invest in our unique vision of the future of security testing.”

Record Breaking Results

Further highlighting Core’s continued expansion, the company recently closed out the most successful fiscal second quarter in its history, delivering its highest ever Q2 revenues and seeing its customer renewal rates reach previously unseen levels that far exceed industry benchmarks.

Another significant catalyst for the strong performance was in rapid uptake of Core’s latest professional services offerings – specifically its recently launched CORE IMPACT Certified Professional (CICP) training program and its CORE IMPACT Professional Services automated penetration testing assessment capabilities.

“This impressive services business expansion shines a light on the sincere interest that we’re seeing among our existing customers in deepening their commitment to testing using IMPACT Pro, and the launch of the IMPACT Professional Services clearly struck a chord with organizations seeking to begin using automated testing solutions with the goal of maturing their internal programs over time,” said Stephen Pace, vice president of Sales and Services at Core Security. “These are the tangible signs of growth that indicate that a particular company is reaching a level of maturity and momentum where there is no question that they will have even larger opportunity moving forward.”

In recent weeks, multiple industry analysts have openly expressed their belief that automated security testing is one of the most crucial practices for organizations to further embrace to better understand their overall IT risk posture; the experts have also said that Core Security remains the clear leader in bringing commercial-grade testing products to market that allow security management to rapidly advance their programs.

“The sophistication of attacks these days has increased the need for penetration testing,” John Pescatore, vice president and research fellow at Gartner, told editors in a story marking the launch of the CORE INSIGHT Enterprise beta program.

In one of its own reports, analysts from “disruptive” technologies specialists The 451 Group noted: “We're confident that penetration testing in some form will be central to security planning and even compliance going forward, and that Core is well positioned to ride that wave.”

About Core Security Technologies

Core Security Technologies enables organizations to both get ahead of threats and bridge the gap between security data and critical business risks. Using our test and measurement solutions, security professionals proactively validate their security controls while revealing actual risk paths that traverse IT layers to expose critical assets. As a result, our customers gain unprecedented visibility into threats to the business, while measuring risk on a continual basis. Core’s security testing and measurement solutions are backed by trusted vulnerability research and leading-edge threat expertise from the company’s Security Consulting Services, CoreLabs and Engineering groups. Based in Boston, Mass. and Buenos Aires, Argentina, Core Security Technologies can be reached at 617-399-6980 or on the Web at:


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