Core Security Technologies Developer Makes Finals of International Coding Competition

Core Security Technologies Developer Makes Finals of International Coding Competition

Sergio Sancho Beats Out Thousands of Contestants to Make Final Round of 25

Boston, Mass: November 5, 2003 - Core Security Technologies, provider of CORE IMPACT, the first-to-market penetration testing product for assessing specific information security risks, today announced that developer Sergio Sancho has made the finals of the Google Code Jam 2003. The annual tournament is a timed contest where all participants compete online to code solutions to the same problems under the same time constraints. Contestants are able to use Java, C++, C# or VB.NET programming languages to create their programs.

“There is definitely a sense of pride in being recognized by such a prestigious organization,” said Sancho. “I’m looking forward to competing in the finals.”

The tournament consists of 4 Rounds (Qualification Round, Round 1, Round 2 and the Finals). Only the top 500 scorers from the Qualification Round were able to advance to Round 1 of the Code Jam. From there, competitors with the top 250 scores from Round 1 advanced to Round 2. The top 25 performers in Round 2, which includes Core’s Sancho, have been invited to compete in Championship Round onsite at the Googleplex on November 14th.

“This achievement is a testament to Sergio’s ingenuity and skill. There is a great deal of pride in being able to work with such talented people and on behalf of the company I wish Sergio the best luck in the finals", said Ivan Arce, CTO of Core Security Technologies.

Competition Phases:

· Download the Arena: Participants download the app, read the problem statements, then code solutions,
compile and test those solutions and submit the code for points.

· Coding Phase: All participants are presented with the same set of three problems of escalating difficulty.
In a race to see who can create an accurate solution in the shortest amount of time, competitors try to out-think
and out-code their opponents.

· Challenge Phase: During the Challenge Phase, competitors view each other's code and try to "break'"
that code by passing test cases through the submitted code, with the hope that the results are not satisfied
by the software written.

· System Tests: Within minutes of the end of the Challenge Phase, the automated, objective system tests
determine the accuracy of all submissions and awards final points to all competitors.

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