Core Security Maintains Accelerated Growth as Security Testing Becomes Standard Practice


Security Testing Software Leader Sees Broad Adoption of its Flagship Product, CORE IMPACT,
As Awareness Grows and Industry Mandates Increase

BOSTON, MA - August 4, 2008 - Core Security Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise security assurance testing software, today announced record sales of its flagship product, CORE IMPACT. The company continues to expand at a rapid pace, now serving more than 700 customers across a broad spectrum of vertical markets.

Comprehensive security testing is now recognized as a vital, accepted process by leading organizations across the public and private sectors as well as in a growing list of regulations such as PCI 11.3 and the NIST 800-53A Guidance that endorses the practice. Mainstream businesses and government agencies, large and small; have moved to become more proactive in the defense of their IT and networking assets by engaging in regular security testing of their critical infrastructure and data protection capabilities.

Core Security’s industry-leading family of products enable organizations to proactively expose vulnerabilities, measure operational risk and gain visibility into the efficacy of security mechanisms throughout their infrastructure. Among the enterprises currently utilizing CORE IMPACT are Continental Airlines, Verizon and a large number of U.S. Government agencies.

“Companies spend millions of dollars  per year on defensive security software, but most are still finding that they  aren’t secure in the interconnected world in which we all operate,” said Mark Hatton, CEO of Core Security. “Through security testing, organizations can validate their defenses and better understand the real-world threats facing their IT infrastructure. Our CORE IMPACT product family is the only solution on the market with the breadth and depth to enable businesses and government agencies to test across the full range of organizational models and enterprise computing environments.”

To better enable Core Security to address the demands of the quickly evolving vulnerability assessment market, the company has recently bolstered its management ranks with Hatton, its new CEO, as well as via the addition of a new vice president of marketing, Kim Legelis, and a new CFO, John O’ Brien. This is in addition to the company’s growth to over 150 employees worldwide.

The widespread adoption of security testing software such as CORE IMPACT has validated the broader vulnerability assessment market, and Core Security’s customer renewal rate, which runs significantly higher than the industry average of 65-70%, is a strong testament to the value CORE IMPACT offers its growing customer base.

"With the number and ferocity of today's attacks, it's absolutely critical to test their network, systems and application defenses consistently and with enterprise-class tools," said Mike Rothman, principal analyst of Security Incite. "I call this function 'security assurance' and it's one of the most critical aspects of a security program.”

Core Security’s CORE IMPACT family of software solutions is the world’s most comprehensive technology for performing enterprise security assurance testing. The software evaluates security posture across servers, desktop systems, end users and web applications by identifying what resources are exposed to potential threats. It enables organizations to determine if current defensive security mechanisms are detecting and preventing attacks, and gives Core’s customers a true enterprise view of their overall security status.  Core Security augments its leading technology solutions with world-class security consulting services, including penetration testing and software security auditing.

About Core Security Technologies

Core Security Technologies is the leader in comprehensive security testing software solutions that IT executives rely on to expose vulnerabilities, measure operational risk, and assure security effectiveness. The company’s CORE IMPACT product family offers a comprehensive approach to assessing the security of network systems, endpoint systems, email users and web applications against complex threats. All CORE IMPACT security testing solutions are backed by trusted vulnerability research and leading-edge threat expertise from the company’s Security Consulting Services, CoreLabs and Engineering groups. Based in Boston, MA and Buenos Aires, Argentina, Core Security Technologies can be reached at 617-399-6980 or on the Web at

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