Leading Industry Analyst Recommends Penetration Testing

Leading Industry Analyst Recommends Penetration Testing

Core Security Hosts Event on Vulnerability Management Featuring Independent Research Analyst

BOSTON - March 29, 2011 - Core Security Technologies, the market’s leading provider of IT security intelligence test and measurement solutions, today announced “Optimizing Vulnerability Management,” a complimentary on-demand webcast featuring guest speaker, Forrester Research Inc. vice president and principal analyst Chenxi Wang, Ph.D. In the webcast, Wang advocates that penetration testing solutions - like those offered by Core Security - are critical to optimizing vulnerability management.

“If you are not doing penetration testing and application scanning, then you are behind the curve,” says Chenxi Wang, Ph.D., Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst in this on-demand webcast titled Optimizing Vulnerability Management, originally broadcast on March 9, 2011. “The new and evolving threat landscape requires that IT security remains constantly vigilant. Keeping on top of the vulnerabilities in your environment is an essential part of that strategy - you need to understand where your weak points are before you can effectively defend yourself.”

To view the webcast recording, please visit: http://ws.coresecurity.com/OptVulnMgmtod.html

During the webcast, Wang discusses:

  • Attacks and how they are changing in nature, complexity and method.
  • How continuous penetration testing can help organizations stay ahead of future threats.
  • The various resources that organizations should prioritize for testing, including web applications, end user and endpoint systems, network systems and wireless networks.

“Today’s security threat landscape is changing and organizations are more at risk than ever before,” said Mark Hatton, president and CEO of Core Security. “The stakes are high, so it’s absolutely critical that organizations have real-world security intelligence to make the best decisions possible.”

Core Security’s solutions - CORE INSIGHT Enterprise™ and CORE IMPACT Pro® - enable organizations to get ahead of threats and bridge the gap between security data and critical business risks. CORE INSIGHT Enterprise is a breakthrough security test and measurement platform that provides continuous, automated testing to verify security controls and provide the risks to critical IT assets. CORE IMPACT Pro version 11 is a penetration testing software product that also allows customers to surgically test their security posture by proactively replicating attacks against their own environments in the same ways that an attacker would.

To learn more about CORE INSIGHT Enterprise and CORE IMPACT Pro, please visit: http://www.coresecurity.com/content/security-testing-and-penetration-testing-products-and-services.

About Core Security Technologies
There is no shortage of IT security data available in today’s highly secured organizations, but there is a distinct lack of real-world security intelligence. Core Security helps organizations bridge the gap between processing volumes of data and gaining actionable intelligence about proven security exposures. Our security test and measurement solutions empower customers with real-world security intelligence, security controls validation and metrics that allow them to more effectively secure their organizations and manage IT risks.

Core Security’s software solutions are used by more than a thousand commercial and government organizations worldwide. Our products range from desktop software tools for security experts to enterprise-wide automated testing and measurement platforms. All of our products and services are backed by over 15 years of leading-edge research and expertise from the company’s Security Consulting Services, CoreLabs Research and Core Engineering groups. Core Security Technologies can be reached at +1 (617) 399-6980 or online at http://www.coresecurity.com.

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