Core Security Delivers Advanced Enterprise Security Testing Solution to Improve Protection Against Outside Threats

Core Security Delivers Advanced Enterprise Security Testing Solution to Improve Protection Against Outside Threats

CORE INSIGHT v1.4 Provides Continuous Threat Intelligence to Manage and Communicate Risk throughout the Enterprise

Boston, Mass. - October 19, 2011

News Facts

  • Core Security® today announced a new release of CORE INSIGHT®, an innovative security testing platform that provides continuous threat intelligence and analytics on real-world risks to enterprise information assets.
  • With CORE INSIGHT Enterprise v1.4, customers gain more visibility into the threat landscape with new security testing campaign and attack simulation capabilities, expanded dashboard views and analytics, and executive-level reports. 
  • CORE INSIGHT Enterprise v1.4 is immediately available direct from Core Security and its solutions partners.

New and Enhanced Features: CORE INSIGHT Enterprise v1.4 

  • New Campaign Dashboard
    • Gain greater visibility into the progress and results of security testing campaigns throughout the IT infrastructure
  • Enhanced Executive-level Reporting
    • Generate reports that provide high-level analytics to help effectively communicate risk throughout all lines of business
  • New Network Device Support
    • Gather information automatically from routers and switches, and test them
  • New Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Support
    • Identify and confirm the exploitability of XSS vulnerabilities

“With the new version of CORE INSIGHT, we are helping our customers to be proactive and scalable in identifying risk – while providing the means to effectively communicate the results of those tests in the language of the business, not security,” said Mike Yaffe, director of product marketing at Core Security.

About CORE INSIGHT Enterprise

With CORE INSIGHT Enterprise, customers can evaluate the status of their enterprise security posture through validation of security controls and identification of the most critical points of exposure to outside threats. The solution proactively replicates the exact steps taken every day by those who seek to steal information by providing enterprises with automatic attack path calculation and exploitation of multiple layers of defense. Assessment results are delivered via executive-level dashboard views and reports that provide threat intelligence and the means to effectively communicate it across the business.

About Core Security 

Core Security vulnerability management solutions help more than 1,300 enterprises and government organizations worldwide address and manage critical online threats throughout the entire IT infrastructure. The company’s proven enterprise solutions are backed by more than 15 years of applied expertise from CoreLabs, the innovative IT security research center within Core Security. For more information, visit



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