CORE Security Releases Identity Manager and Anti-Virus Evasion Capabilities with CORE IMPACT Pro 12.5

Latest Update to Industry-Leading Solution Takes Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Beyond Traditional Exploitation

Boston, MA - September 17, 2012 - CORE Security®, a leading provider of predictive security intelligence solutions, today announced the release of its latest version of CORE Impact® Professional vulnerability assessment and penetration testing software, that allows organizations to proactively test IT infrastructure and identify exactly where and how an organization’s critical data can be breached.

CORE Impact Pro's new Identity Manager capabilities are the most comprehensive available in the security industry today. They includeautomatic identity discovery as part of standard Rapid Penetration Test (RPT) operations, automatic agent deployment via supported protocols when an Identity is validated, and easy graphical interaction with Identities when needed. Impact 12.5 is supported by the company’s extensive library of more than 2,700 commercial-grade exploits and other attack techniques.
In addition to Identity Manager, CORE Impact v12.5 new market-leading capabilities include:

  • Updated Anti-Virus Evasion
  • Updated Agent Communications
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Rapid Penetration Test (RPT) Assisted Start Guide

CORE IMPACT’s Identity Manager learns identities, usernames and passwords, SSH keys, cookies and other pieces of information that can be used to gain control of systems. Identity Manager capabilities are built directly into Core Impact Pro’s attack and penetration methods, making the use of Identity Manager simple and straight-forward. In addition, Impact Pro will attempt to automatically take control of systems when a valid Identity is learned for that system. Users can also quickly and easily reuse that newly discovered valid identity against all other system in the environment to rapidly take control of them as well.

“The new Identity Manager capabilities in Impact 12.5 were a high priority for this release, once again as a leader in the security market, we have combined the advanced technical capabilities driven by our researchers at Core Labs with our customers’ input to deliver a new comprehensive solution to the market, ” said Milan Shah, senior vice president of Products and Engineering at CORE Security. “In addition we’ve improved the anti-virus evasion capabilities to allow for more realistic emulation of the real world threat. That is, attempting to compromise and control systems without detection by passive and active defensive technology.“

Anti-Virus Evasion capabilities continue to help test endpoint security software, Impact Pro v12.5 includes updated techniques to help test the ability of defensive technology to pick up on the attempt to exploit and run code on a system.

In addition, CORE has enhanced its patented, leading edge, Syscall Proxy Agent which allows interaction with compromised systems. With Impact Pro 12.5, the Syscall Proxy Agent has improved resiliency, increasing its effectiveness in evading controls that try to detect this type of activity. Additionally, Impact Pro 12.5 includes performance upgrades focused on increased effectiveness while reducing the number of packets required for success.

More about CORE Impact Pro:
CORE Impact® Pro is the most comprehensive software solution for assessing the real-world security of web applications, network systems, endpoint systems, email users, mobile devices, wireless networks, and network devices. Backed by CORE Security’s ongoing vulnerability research, Impact Pro allows you to take security testing to the next level by safely replicating a broad range of data breach threats. As a result, you can identify exactly where and how your organization’s critical data can be breached. Learn more about CORE Impact Pro penetration testing software at

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Mon, September 17