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Conducting Penetration Testing

Using the Core Security family of software solutions immediately advances your organization’s ability to test for exploitable vulnerabilities across a broad range of IT and networking infrastructure. By actively simulating real-world threats that target web applications, networks, endpoints, email users and wireless networks, you can rapidly assess your organization’s most critical weak points and gain actionable data to accelerate the remediation process.


Automated Penetration Testing

Until recently, penetration testing has involved a very complex manual process performed by a select few specialized security professionals with years of relevant experience at hand scripting individual exploits.

Other than their own handiwork, the only tools that these professionals have had at their disposal have been penetration testing development frameworks, which still require deep technical acumen and many hours of careful construction to translate the available strings of exploit code into fully-functioning tests.

While valuable, this manual penetration testing process typically requires an extensive team of professionals possessing diverse skill sets, which most organizations either do not have or cannot afford to hire full time.

The Core Security family of security testing software solutions represents the most automated form of penetration testing developed to date. By arming your IT department or security team with Core’s library of commercial-grade exploits, which are updated on a regular basis as new vulnerabilities and threats emerge, you allow your team to rapidly streamline and improve the entire penetration testing process.

Even those organizations with experienced penetration testers on staff can boost the consistency and momentum of their efforts by giving those professionals a broad set of exploits to work from, allowing them to spend more of their time building custom threats tailored to address their unique environments.

When you add Core Security solutions to the penetration testing process you gain:

  • The support of Core Security’s 15+ years of professional vulnerability research and commercial-grade exploit development, constantly updated as threats emerge.
  • Comprehensive penetration testing capabilities addressing a wide range of threat vectors across network systems, endpoint systems, email users, web applications and wireless networks.
  • Automation of traditionally mundane penetration testing work that adds repeatability and efficiency to the security testing process.
  • The ability to manually fine-tune penetration tests to your specific requirements via an extensible Python-based scripting framework.
  • Safe emulation of multi-staged threats to test both perimeter and internal defenses using privilege escalation and pivoting techniques to identify available routes to valuable systems and data.
  • Actionable data in the form of detailed reports highlighting risks, including targeted systems, tests conducted, vulnerabilities exploited, and attack paths followed -- plus links to patches and other remediation data.
  • The ability to illustrate testing results to both technical and nontechnical audiences via a wide range of customizable reports.


Complementing Third-Party Services Using Software Solutions

Many organizations have traditionally employed outside service providers to conduct penetration testing on an annual, bi-annual or even quarterly basis, and those engagements, while expensive, provide an important snapshot of security standing.

However, in today’s environment, where technology introduction, maintenance and support has created a landscape of near constant change, and in which outside attackers move quickly to take advantage of newly discovered vulnerabilities in popular products, periodic testing does not offer organizations the ability to comprehensively manage their risk on an ongoing basis.

Core Security solutions do just that.

By bringing powerful penetration testing capabilities in-house, organizations that choose or are required to bring outside experts onboard to perform analysis on a cyclical basis can manage their vulnerabilities in a more proactive manner and respond to frequent changes in systems configurations and product updates. They can also use the results garnered from their ongoing testing as a baseline for consultants to launch their own efforts from, or to provide to compliance auditors as proof of adherence to industry best practices.

In supplementing or substituting third-party penetration testing with a product, you increase the frequency, scope and consistency of your organization's security evaluations -- often for less than the cost of a single consulting engagement. Regulatory requirements notwithstanding, a software solution will enable you to make the best use of your penetration testing dollars.

Adopting Core Security software solutions allows you to:

  • Perform tests on a continuous basis, monitoring assets between consulting engagements, enabling you to ensure an ongoing, high level of security.
  • Control the testing process by freeing you from the need to turn network control over to an outside party, allowing you to run tests privately and securely.
  • Increase the effectiveness of service providers by arming them with exploits that they can leverage to maximize the value of consulting engagements and powerful reporting features.
  • Make the best use of your consulting budget by automating the penetration testing process and focusing your consulting budget on professional recommendations, rather than on manual tasks.
  • Better prepare for consulting engagements by staying up-to-date on your security posture, allowing you to play an active, informed role in defining the scope of consulting services.

Ultimately, Core Security solutions dramatically improve the entire penetration testing process to help organizations meet the overall goal of ensuring that they are protected from the widest array of threats and vulnerabilities, and maximizing the talents of their existing security teams.



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