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Assessing Exposure to Potential Data Breaches

Penetration Testing for Higher Education

Assessing Exposure to Potential Data Breaches

A quick look at the chronological list of data breaches recorded by the nonprofit Privacy Rights Clearinghouse reveals a startling truth: nearly half of all the organizations indexed on the infamous register operate in the educational sector. From small public school systems to the largest, most hallowed universities in the world, it’s clear that IT security teams in the education field have struggled to balance the challenge of supporting open networks with defense of sensitive data. And with data that ranges from student medical records to alumni donors’ financial information resident on their systems, these organizations must now also comply with demanding security regulations including  PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and FERPA.

Using our products to carry out comprehensive security testing allows educational institutions to gain extensive visibility into the cause, effect and prevention of sophisticated data breaches, as well to as understand precisely what data they may already have exposed to potential attackers. By illustrating how multiple low-level vulnerabilities can be assailed by hackers to gradually advance their privileges and gain access to protected information, organizations can address their most urgent vulnerabilities and comply with complex industry regulations without being forced to restrict IT systems access.

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