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Validate Security Controls with Vulnerability Management

Addressing Security Controls with Vulnerability Management

The rapidly changing nature of IT environments obligates organizations to regularly test security and compliance controls to ensure that they remain both effective and within the scope of required guidelines. This is driven not only by increasing IT complexity and risk, but also by the growing number of regulations that require incremental testing.

However, when organizations limit security assessments to quarterly, annual or other incremental time frames, they gain only point-in-time snapshots of their security posture, which certify only that security and compliance controls were able to function effectively at the specific moment that they were tested.

Via the adoption of Core Security’s proactive security testing and measurement solutions, organizations can:

  • keep security systems and processes up to date with the current state of their overall IT infrastructure
  • address specific security testing requirements laid out by regulations including FISMA/NIST, PCI and HIPAA
  • frequently and consistently validate the efficacy of IPS, IDS, antivirus and other commonly mandated security controls
  • more efficiently and cost-effectively prepare for compliance audits

Perhaps even more importantly, our solutions enable security professionals to extend their assessments to new levels that not only achieve compliance, but also enable them to harden security defenses and policies on a day-to-day basis throughout their organizations.

Example: Core Insight’s controls validation capabilities for the Consensus Audit Guidelines

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Core Insight offers capabilities that provide or validate 15 of the 20 controls recommended by the Consensus Audit Guidelines.

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